Whats your verdicts on Bodyguard then?

  Cymro. 09:55 24 Sep 2018

BBC link

I can't believe I was the only one among us who watched this. So what did you make of it then? At least it kept me watching a bit a telly rather than going up to bed as early as I usually do. With an average 10.4 million viewers it seems to have been something of a success for the BBC.

  john bunyan 11:50 24 Sep 2018

I thought it quite good , but the critics were a bit too enthusiastic. I preferred “The Night Manager” from a while ago, but enjoyed the Bodyguard nevertheless .

  BT 12:22 24 Sep 2018

I'm still a couple of episodes behind and so far its been quite good, but I think overall I liked Line of Duty better.

  Old Deuteronomy 12:36 24 Sep 2018

We never watched Bodyguard as it just didn't appeal however, we did watch and enjoy The Night Manager, Hugh Laurie was particularly good in that.

  Quickbeam 17:11 24 Sep 2018

I stopped watching after episode 2 when he went on a rooftop rampage after an assassin while his primary care subject, a home secretary was left in a car covered in the drivers blood and brains despite having regained control of the armoured car and being able to escape the scene of the ambuse...

He'd have been sent packing as an armed officer and body guard pronto!

  LastChip 21:17 24 Sep 2018

I enjoyed it. Perhaps it wasn't super technically accurate, but it's meant to be entertainment and I believe it was.

  bremner 12:46 25 Sep 2018

If you expect a television drama to be factually accurate you are never going to enjoy any program. I found Bodyguard to be great gripping entertainment surely the basic requirement. The viewing figures show millions agreed.

  oresome 17:26 25 Sep 2018

The last episode was a disappointment i.m.o.

The bomb scene was too long and confessions by the police chief and the terrorist to tie up the loose ends too easily come by and rushed.

I found Line of Duty with it's forensic analysis much more gripping and entertaining.

  Quickbeam 19:56 25 Sep 2018

"If you expect a television drama to be factually accurate..."

Not just that, I found the main character, the dour Scotsman, a very dull character, he didn't bring his part alive for me.

  Forum Editor 22:54 25 Sep 2018

Once Keeley was out of it I lost interest. The ending was typical of so many TV dramas these days - wildly over dramatic.

  morddwyd 11:12 29 Sep 2018

I watched about ten minutes of the first episode but the sound quality was so bad that I realised I had no idea of what was going on and gave up.

Modern sound engineers are bot of the best.

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