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What's your favourite website for saving money?

  Production Ed 12:21 08 Oct 2008

Compiling the Readers' Sites section of the magazine is always fun, but this was particularly true this time around; your favourite humorous websites caused so much giggling in the PCA offices that we were accused of shirking our work responsibilities. Thanks to everyone who recommended sites. It was a bumper crop, and we had a hard time narrowing it down to just 10. And particular thanks to WhiteTruckMan, our new Readers Sites champion – if you're around, could you make yourself known to a member of PCA staff?

And now for a severe change of tack. As fears for the state of the economy worsen, we want to look at websites that help you to save money, deal with financial worries and generally stretch your cash that little bit further. This is a potentially wide topic, so feel free to interpret it as you wish. We're anticipating professional financial advice sites and forums, special deals, money-off coupon sites and resale sites, but the only limitation is that it needs to be a reputable, above-board online offering that helps you to save money and whose trustworthiness you can vouch for.

As usual, we don't just want to know which websites you recommend - we want to know why. You can add your recommendation and reasons to this thread or email them to [email protected]. This is your chance to see your name in the magazine, and perhaps even win a great prize!

Thanks again,

David Price
PC Advisor

  spuds 10:21 13 Oct 2008

It might be me, but is there anything wrong with Your favourite funny sites revealed. ( A page missing link?).

  Production Ed 10:33 13 Oct 2008

Is it the Framley Examiner link, spuds? I'm fixing that now. Sorry about that.

I should probably stress at this point that, while we've made every effort to avoid dodgy sites, a few of these occasionally put up postings with an adult theme. Be warned!

  Stuartli 23:56 13 Nov 2008

>> may be a 32" LCD TV one night and a Mouse the next night.>>

The word "may" is the key, one suspects....:-)

  BT 09:18 12 Sep 2009

I've just save myself over £80 on my Car insurance and around £70 on my household insurance by comparing prices on several comparison sites.
You must make sure you are comparing like for like but can save quite a bit. The reason of course is that most of the companies are giving first time discounts, online discounts etc, but the way things are these days with almost none existant interest rates and the need to save on outgoings, if I have to change suppliers every year to get these discounts, so be it.

  Stuartli 09:26 12 Sep 2009

Yet another old thread revived..:-)

  Noldi 11:31 12 Sep 2009

The days of walking into a local insurance broker are long gone. All these compare sites are what my family use now to get the best deal on car ins etc. Money supermarket I use to check out financial info Credit cards, mortgage etc. For flights its Easy jet or Air Lingus. BA has cut too many services out of Gatwick for me to carry on using them.


  BT 16:42 12 Sep 2009


  BT 16:54 12 Sep 2009

WOW! That's a saving worth having.

Just phoned my old house insurance people to cancel my renewal and had a young chap desparately trying to pursuade me not to move. I wonder if they get a commission if you stay with them, or perhaps they get it deducted from their wages :o[

  Production Ed 11:50 16 Sep 2009

Interesting to see this thread getting resurrected.

I've just started a new thread about price comparison sites here

click here

Recommendations - and your thoughts on comparison sites in general - would be greatly appreciated.


David Price

  Uboat 12:46 28 Jan 2011

IVe got to be totally honest & not condescending i do find THIS website as in PCADVISOR a great help!

when ever i need a good reference to a top deal on a pc or a car etc i create a thread on here and i always get a few replies & some times i save lots of money due to the members and the site so a BIG thank you to the members & PCAD...

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