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What's your favourite sports-related website?

  David Price 17:40 21 Jun 2011

We're looking for recommendations of sports websites. What's your favourite, and why would you recommend it?

They can be large sites or small, big-name media brands or obscure blogs, and can relate to sports in any way you like - news, fan discussion, analysis or anything else, as long as the site is worth recommending to PC Advisor's readers.

Add your recommendation (and reasons) to this thread, or email it to [email protected]

Finally, thanks to everyone who recommended a 'time-wasting' website last month (although, as you'll see here, several of the recommendations actually turned out to be quite educational!).

  wee eddie 17:54 21 Jun 2011

I'm a Curler and the RCCC's Site is the formal face of Scottish Curling, the Sport.

I would not give it the thumbs-up because it has been dragged into the 21st Century by this man's Blog Skip Cottage Curling and this, the Scottish Curling Forum which was, for it's first couple of years existence, a P45 offence for any RCCC Staff Member to even visit.

However the best of all Curling Sites was Hacked a while back and has not yet recovered, Curling Zone is a Canadian Site that covered World Curling in considerable depth.

  Blackhat 18:03 21 Jun 2011

As I follow only a few sports I find them well catered for at the BBC News sports pages. Up to date info and live feeds means that I haven’t found the need to trawl for any other sites.

  canarieslover 18:24 21 Jun 2011

Only one I use but obviously of limited interest to anyone not interested in cycling. - link text

  Forum Editor 18:27 21 Jun 2011

I'm with Blackhat on this

I like some sport, but I'm not what you might call a fanatic. The BBC site does the job for me.

  Nontek 20:13 21 Jun 2011

link text My favourite Sports site - Steve is my Son!

  Nontek 20:15 21 Jun 2011

Ooops, I should have added, Steve the Sites owner and photographer is my Son - not Steve on the bike in the picture!

  sunnystaines 21:17 21 Jun 2011

I am a big fan of K-1 so their official site

link text

also like eurosport for cycling and boxing news

link text

  Housten 17:57 22 Jun 2011

Although I used to watch football, in many ways - but not all - I gave up on it some time ago. I know many will probably now consider me to be a bit sad, but I like and enjoy them, so I watch gridiron - specifically I support Dolphins - and Collingwood in Auusie Rules - and I use their websites ( not terrific, but I don’t really care ), but no others apart from the main ones relating to the overall organisations.

  Noldi 21:18 22 Jun 2011

Apart from the Eurosport webb page or BBC for all round sport I use and the BLMRA webb site even though now im to old (sensible) to race but like to keep up with what is going on.


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