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What's your favourite smartphone or tablet app?

  David Price 16:23 25 Mar 2011

Here's a question for fans of smartphones and tablet PCs. What's your favourite app?

We're compiling a list of the best apps around, and we're keen to hear which ones you rate highest, whether it's a well-known or obscure app, free or paid for, a business productivity app or the most frivolous of games.

Add your recommendation to this thread (or email it to [email protected]) and we'll print the best 10 (plus the names of the recommenders) in the next issue of the magazine.

Finally, I'd like to thank all those who recommended news websites last month. And particularly fourm member, who recommended our favourite site - if you're around, fourm member, could you make yourself known?

David Price

  sunnystaines 16:50 25 Mar 2011

google maps/navigation

  morddwyd 20:13 25 Mar 2011

Pocket Informant

Arguably the best PIM about at the moment.

  I am Spartacus 21:20 25 Mar 2011

Although it probably has limited appeal I've been very impressed with HanDBase click here I buy a lot of books when I'm out and about and it's useful to have the list easily to hand.

  mammak 23:00 25 Mar 2011

Telmap Navigator 5
Google maps
PDF to go
Amazon MP3
Social feeds
Wordsearch free version
Bubble burst free

  sunnystaines 19:25 26 Mar 2011

does Mobbler use up a lot of internet allowance and battery power?

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