whats your favourite PDA?

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 10:38 28 Oct 2004

i do not yet have a pda but i am getting a hp ipaq 4150 in exactly 40 days,whats your favourite PDA?.and what do you use yours for?.cheers

  JonnyTub 11:32 28 Oct 2004

I use a smartphone (mpx200), rather like a pda but without the extended functionality of one. It runs a windows os much the same as a pda and suits me fine for everyday business use, i.e. i use it for keeping contact information, emailing, keeping in touch with associates via the gprs modem and laptop, organising my delivery schedule, watching mpegs, taking notes, etc, etc.

  Kate B 17:39 28 Oct 2004

For many years I was a loyal devotee of the Sony Clie range but recently I switched OS and now am in love with my iPaq 4150 - you won't regret it. (oh, perhaps you might get annoyed, as I do, with how many menus you have to drill down through to get at connecting to a wireless network).

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 18:55 28 Oct 2004

hi,good choice of PDA,you wouldn't mind telling me a bit about the hp ipaq 4150 would you?.i have heard that it plays movies very well.thanks alot.ben

  Kate B 18:17 29 Oct 2004

hi Big Ben, haven't used it to play movies but I imagine that with its nice screen and decent processing welly it would handle them well.

I really like it - I've stayed away from Pocket PCs before because they were so big compared to Palms but this is pretty much the same size as Palm. Battery life is OK, you'd need to take a charger away with you if you were going for more than a night, and you'll run it down fast if you get hooked on a game.

Couple of faint irritations are that you can never tell if an app is running in the background or properly shut down, which can slow it down a bit, and it would be nice if you could flip it to landscape viewing for web pages. And drilling down to the wifi connection menu is a pain.

But having said that, both Bluetooth and wifi are well implemented on it: they work well. It picks up any available network, though doesn't tell you if it's password-protected. You only find that out if you can't connect. Pocket Explorer is pretty good with most web pages (though for some reason I can't get into our corporate webmail through it).

Niggles aside, I think it's a good purchase. Good luck with your decision!

  Sir Radfordin 19:00 29 Oct 2004

Have only ever used the Palm range of PDAs, the Tungstan T3 being a fine example of a useful tool for the business user. Personally unless you have a busy diary or a genunine need to access internet on the go I see them as pointless objects. The biggest challenge as a bloke is where do you but a thing like that?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:13 29 Oct 2004

'Personally unless you have a busy diary or a genunine need to access internet on the go I see them as pointless objects'.....I got rid of my PDA on Ebay in favour of a Filofax. Much quicker and easier to use.


  Dorsai 19:23 29 Oct 2004

I find a calander + a ballpoint pen my fav. The calander normally arrives free as a x-max gift. the pen 20p from local news agent.

My mobile has an alarm clock. I have Memory + a partner, What i forget, she all to willingly reminds me.

Nowt else required.

  matt1234 21:54 03 Nov 2004

i use a compaq 8370 with bluetooth and it works surperbly :)

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