What's your favourite online learning website?

  David Price 10:13 05 Aug 2010

Thanks to everyone who recommended property websites for our round-up (click here). sunnystaines wins this month's prize, an Apacer MP3 player, for his suggestion of UpMyStreet (click here). Congratulations to sunnystaines.

To be in with a chance of winning our next prize, all you need to do is recommend an online learning site, and explain why it's your favourite.

Interpret the question however you feel is appropriate - whether you use instructional videos online, read informal tutorials or use in-depth web-learning courses, we want to know where you go to expand your skillset.

Add your recommendations to this thread or, if you're feeling shy, email them to [email protected]. And remember to tell us why the site is your favourite.

Good luck!

David Price

  Seth Haniel 10:21 05 Aug 2010

click here

for the complete A to Z of Learning subjects and for all ages :)

  babybell 10:26 05 Aug 2010

click here

Having just purchased my first house, and being from the lazy generation, I'm not very clued up when it comes to DIY.

This website contains instructional videos for anything you could possibly want. In the past I have watched videos on wallpapering around sockets, sealing around a bath and how to tile a bathroom. All of which have provided me with not only the knowledge, but being able to watch someone doing as well, is really helpful

Unlike streaming media sites like Youtube, Videojug is described as an "instructional video website" and as a result, all the videos contain step by step guides from DIY masters.

Their tag line sums it up as well "Life Explained, On Film"

  sunnystaines 10:28 05 Aug 2010

when I went to night school to learn how to build and repair computers [got fed asking friends] I was recommended this site to help with my studies and found invaluable for assisting in my studies.
still refer to it at times these days

click here


  Snec 13:45 05 Aug 2010

Isn't it strange how we get an idea of someone from their posts -- and get it wrong, mostly -- I betcha.

I don't post often (these days I find the issues for 'debate' tedious and pointless in most cases, ie. not worthy of debate) but I lurk from time to time. From your posts I had imagined you to be older than you obviously are. Home computers were not even about when I went to night school.

Oh, and, I think this thread is really intended for those still learning -- but what do I know?

Sorry for butting in with my pointless post.


  sunnystaines 16:00 05 Aug 2010

I was in my late 40's when I went to night school, WestThames college in Isleworth enjoyed every minute of and recommend night school to anyone do not be put by your age your never too late to learn. The classes were most younger people but that did not matter.

  Bingalau 20:27 05 Aug 2010

bbc.co.uk/Languages (German Steps in particular) I like the way you can take your time and learn bit by bit on your own, or you can find a partner to study with and compare notes etc. I tend to use it on my own as a refresher course.

  ?-?-? 20:31 05 Aug 2010

Wikipedia. :P

  Kevscar1 07:53 06 Aug 2010

How abut this one learnt more about computers than I'll ever use.

  bluesbrother 16:04 06 Aug 2010

Depends what you are looking to get from it.
Totally agree with Kevscar forums are great places to pick up useful information and help.
There's a lot of good websites like tomshardware click here
But for a more structured approach the Open Uni click here not totally online but close enough for me.
I hope to retire soon and I would like to catch up on some missed education and the OU appeals to me.

  rdave13 15:32 07 Aug 2010

For PC issues and building then it has to be this site with a lot of visual help from YouTube.

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