What's your favourite movie website?

  David Price 16:00 03 Nov 2010

We're looking for recommendations of film-related websites. What's your favourite website for movie fans?

The 10 best will appear in PC Advisor magazine, and our favourite recommendation will receive a great prize.

(Any film-related website is eligible, but bear in mind that extra credit is likely to be given to slightly less well known websites. And do remember to give your reasons!)

Recommendations can be added to this thread or emailed to [email protected].

Finally, thanks to everyone who recommended a social network last month, and congratulations to ella33, who won the prize for recommending Twitter.

David Price

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:00 03 Nov 2010

Rotten tomatoes..there simply is no other......click here Easy to navigate and excellent film reviews.


  interzone55 17:16 03 Nov 2010

I like Den Of Geek click here for movie news, also covers TV, games & comics to a lesser extent

  JYPX 18:43 03 Nov 2010

It was Rotten Tomatoes (and I still think it is an excellent website) but I then I started to notice a mismatch between the overall score that movie critics were awarding a movie, and my own judgement. IMDB is a bit different - the rating comes from individual reviews by the public. This works for me.
My conclusion - Professional film critics are jaded. (In fact - how could they not be......)If you want to know what a movie is really like, ask your friends/work colleagues, or visit IMDB.

  SimpleSimon1 19:53 03 Nov 2010

Aintitcool.com every time. They seem to have very good sources and noone can argue with the fact that they're all serious film geeks. You might not always agree with them but they're always a good read

  Seth Haniel 20:07 03 Nov 2010

click here

Michael Binder Celebrates Leslie Halliwell and retains a passion for films despite their relentless - and increasing - propensity to disappoint, whilst enjoying a special affection for the Golden Age, something he shared - and would love to have discussed - with the late Leslie Halliwell.

You need for nothing more :)

  morddwyd 20:20 03 Nov 2010

For once I agree with fourm member - IMDB.

I must now go and lie down!

  GJC60 23:21 03 Nov 2010

movie mistakes web site very good, once you read the mistakes you find yourselve really looking out for them next time you watch the film

click here

  Strawballs 01:47 04 Nov 2010

IMDB every time, I too must go and lie down!!!!

  Armchair 11:20 04 Nov 2010

IMDB has most of the information I need. It's replaced the paper movie guides I used to buy.

I also check out the customer reviews on Amazon, to see if a particular DVD has been well produced or is just a shoddy cash-in that is best avoided.

  Armchair 11:21 04 Nov 2010

I also sometimes have a look at Metacritic, which lists all the critical reviews for a film on one page, usually with links to the full review.

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