What's your favourite Google application?

  Production Ed 13:45 18 Aug 2009

Many thanks to all the readers who recommended Job sites for our Readers' Sites section. Our new champion is OTT_Buzzard, who put forward the excellent Jobsite (click here) and wins a copy of CyberLink PowerDirector 7.0. Congratulations OTT_Buzzard!

Our next topic is Google apps. Which of Google's applications and services do you find most useful? It can be anything from major offferings such as Google News, Maps and Product Search - and of course the mighty web search – to the company's more obscure, experimental and beta services.

As usual, we're looking for your reasons as well as your recommendations. The 10 best suggestions will make it into the magazine, and the champion will collect a prize, as well as the adulation of Speakers' Corner.

Thanks again, and good luck.

David Price

  bremner 13:54 18 Aug 2009

Hardly a day goes by when I don't use this, in fact I have just been looking up the location of an opticians in a town I have not been to for years.

I have used this all around the US, Europe and the far east both on my computers and iPhone.


  Woolwell 14:16 18 Aug 2009

Apart from Google Maps I find Calendar is good expecially to share appointments easily. Google Mail is good too - seems like less spam.

  Stuartli 14:17 18 Aug 2009

Apart, of course, from Google itself, I can waste (sorry, enjoy) many, many hours exploring the world with Google Earth.

I've also learned more about the area surrounding my home than I could ever have hoped to without Google Earth.

I've even followed a trip by road from San Francisco all the way to New York, "flying" along the chosen route and observing sights and attractions of the surrounding areas along the way.

If I get bored, then a simple click of the mouse will take me to the Moon, Mars or literally to the stars..:-)

  Bingalau 14:45 18 Aug 2009

Stuartli. I find that flying like you, but along rivers is very enthralling too. Try the River Rhine for starters.

  interzone55 15:13 18 Aug 2009

Ohhh, now where to start with a company that offers as many services as Google.

I could say, Maps and / or Earth, as Maps offers a very reliable Route Planner, that has options for driving, walking and public transport, also if any juctions have been photographed by the Street View cameras they'll be printed out with the route.

I could say Chrome, which is a superb little browser, and the latest beta ( is rock solid (touch wood).

But I think my favourite is Google Mail (neé Gmail). It was the first web mail service to offer a huge mailbox (7.3gb at the moment, which embarrasses the measly 90mb I'm allowed at work), it's got a fantastically reliable spam filter. It sucks mail from other accounts and allows you to send mail as if it came from the other accounts, it's got a nice tidy interface, integrates with their Chat and video chat services.
I've tried many other email services over the years, both POP and web-based, I was one of the early beta testers for Gmail, but I've tried other services since Gmail started and I've still not found a service that's a good as this.
I think it's telling that many ISPs (Sky, Virgin plus others) are dumping their own mail services and using Google Mail...

  wolfie3000 15:15 18 Aug 2009

Not really into these google apps,
If i had to pick one it would be the search engine itself,
Probably the most visited webpage on the internet.

  Stuartli 15:16 18 Aug 2009

Interesting thought, but I have been along large stretches of the Rhine by both car and on cruise ships..:-)

Might consider the Amazon....

  interzone55 15:18 18 Aug 2009

During quiet spells at work our office explored Groom Lake US airforce base (aka Area 51) using Google Earth - there's lots of places that have been masked off, which just grist to the mill of conspiracy theorists.

Another popular past time is finding all 92 football league grounds. Even when you know exactly where they are, it's sometime hard to find places from the air...

  sunnystaines 15:33 18 Aug 2009


an excellent email system all spam goes directly into spam folder filtered by gmail, never get any in the inbox, now they have label function its even better.

runners up
google earth
google deskbar [no longer available for download]

  Stuartli 15:34 18 Aug 2009

Google has been showing off its speedier search engine over recent days.

One computer magazine's test revealed that one test on the new search engine gave results after 0.12 seconds; in the old engine the same search took 0.32 seconds.

Isn't progress an astounding thing?

How did we manage with the old search engine?

(PCA story: click here&)

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