What's your favourite food website?

  Production Ed 12:30 06 Aug 2008

First of all, many thanks to all the forum users who recommended podcasts for our Readers' Sites section. There were some fantastic suggestions this month; our favourite was the Guardian Football Weekly podcast, recommended by darrenrichie. Darrenrichie wins a copy of Magix MP3 Maker 14.0 and the sweet taste of victory: congratulations to him.

The taste of victory brings us neatly on to our next topic: food. There are dozens of websites devoted to the culinary arts, and we're hungry for your recommendations. It can be a recipe site, whether run by a big-name chef or inviting contributions from users, or a restaurant guide. We're also keen to hear about the best sites for sourcing ingredients and utensils for cookery.

As usual, we don't just want to know which websites you recommend - we want to know why. You can add your recommendation and reasons to this thread or email them to [email protected]. This is your chance to see your name in the magazine, and perhaps even win a great prize!

Thanks again,

David Price
PC Advisor

  pchelper001 13:09 06 Aug 2008

I can't recommend better than the Times Online Website for food recipes, i have used it many times, most of my family use it! The recipes are so different from your usual recipe sites, and they have Gordon Ramsey and Heston Blumenthal giving tips and advice as well. It really inspires me to actually get all the pans and stuff out instead of sitting at the table with a quickly thrown together spaghetti! I have used it many times, and i can't find better.

  pchelper001 13:11 06 Aug 2008

Here is the link, sorry i forgot to add it:

click here

  pj123 13:28 06 Aug 2008

I have to recommend Delia Online:

click here

Why? Because I live in Norwich.

Seriously though, this site has everything you would need/want to know about food and how to cook it.

As for: "sourcing ingredients and utensils for cookery" I would recommend Lakeland:

click here

I have bought lots from them over the years and can't fault them.

  interzone55 13:42 06 Aug 2008

I like the BBC Food website click here

You can search for recipes by chef, ingredients, program etc, and you can set up a recipe binder to keep all your favourite recipes together.

Manchester Confidential click here is a good resource for restaurant reviews, although only for people in and around Manchester for fairly obvious reasons.

And for fans of Channel 4's addictive Come Dine With Me, all the menus and recipes are to be found here click here

Of the three I think the BBC one wins for ease of use and volume of info...

  crosstrainer 14:45 06 Aug 2008

A taste for Chinese food, but decided a while ago that I would have a go at it myself, rather than going down the take-away route.

The site below is great. It has simple instructions, all ingredients are easy to source, and providing you don't mess up (Chinese cooking needs your constant attention as it is so fast) The result's are fantastic.

click here

  jack 14:52 06 Aug 2008

Then the Times or the BBC I guess will cover most aspects.
But I have to say I seldom look at recipes
I love to be creative.
MY Marmite /Chock chip sponge pudding is an all time favorite- ;-}

  €dstowe 14:54 06 Aug 2008

BBC or Sainsbury's

  dagbladet 15:54 06 Aug 2008

I've always loved Russel Davies' site eggbaconchipsandbeans. The basic premise is that he tours the country in search of the best ebcb. I love his writing style and he encourages others to send in their 'ggod ebcb' finds. Ther's a great nostalgia element as well as he tours those great old town and sea-side cafe's that you may have once visited yourself.

click here

  Forum Editor 18:21 06 Aug 2008

of all is this - as far as I'm concerned it has everything, and when I win the lottery I'm going to book myself and my wife in for at least a month. When you're there they make you feel as if the world and all its worries has gone away, at least until you get your bill.

click here

  bluto1 19:17 06 Aug 2008

What I'd love to see is a website dedicated to restaurants, pubs etc., throughout the country, listed by county so that if a person is travelling from eg Sussex to Newcastle he can look up decent stopping places, recommended by forum members and organise his trip comfortably.
Big problem would be the size required and editing the site on a regular basis. Ah! well, it was a smashing dream at the time.

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