What's your favourite food-related website?

  David Price 17:31 20 Dec 2010

We're looking for recommendations of food-related websites. What's the most delicious website for gastronomes, gourmands and greedy guts?

Whether it's recipes, restaurant recommendations or general foodie discussion, we want to hear why it's your favourite. The top 10 will appear in PC Advisor magazine, and our favourite will earn its recommender a prize.

(Forum members with sharp memories may recall that we discussed this very subject two years back:

click here

We may recommend the odd old favourite if it's still providing a top-notch service, but we're particularly keen to hear about new, obscure and unexpectedly delightful food websites.)

You can add your recommendation and reasons to this thread or email them to [email protected]. This is your chance to see your name in the magazine, and perhaps even win a great prize!

Finally, thanks to everyone who recommended a video game website last month, and particularly to jwarn, who wins the prize for recommending Miniclip.

David Price

  Quickbeam 08:15 11 Jan 2011

No one site in particular, I just surf until I see what I fancy, and then invariably do something based on the recipe. I don't do following a recipe to the tee.

  David Price 18:22 24 Jan 2011

Thanks for all the recommendations, everyone. The winner of this month's prize is...


Congratulations dagbladet - if you've missed my other messages, send me an email and we'll get a prize over to you.

If anyone wants a chance to win next month, we're looking for recommendations of accounts to follow on Twitter.

click here

Thanks again, everyone.

David Price

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