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What's your favourite food-related website?

  David Price 17:31 20 Dec 2010

We're looking for recommendations of food-related websites. What's the most delicious website for gastronomes, gourmands and greedy guts?

Whether it's recipes, restaurant recommendations or general foodie discussion, we want to hear why it's your favourite. The top 10 will appear in PC Advisor magazine, and our favourite will earn its recommender a prize.

(Forum members with sharp memories may recall that we discussed this very subject two years back:

click here

We may recommend the odd old favourite if it's still providing a top-notch service, but we're particularly keen to hear about new, obscure and unexpectedly delightful food websites.)

You can add your recommendation and reasons to this thread or email them to [email protected]. This is your chance to see your name in the magazine, and perhaps even win a great prize!

Finally, thanks to everyone who recommended a video game website last month, and particularly to jwarn, who wins the prize for recommending Miniclip.

David Price

  wee eddie 18:33 20 Dec 2010

What happens at Christmas?

You put a sprig of holly on the top.

  QuizMan 23:07 20 Dec 2010

I never know how many vegetables to put in the saucepan. When I try to guess, I usally over-estimate, but I find this site most useful click here. It has the additional benefit of having tabs that take you to other areas such as recipes, storage hints and tips plus money-saving suggestions.

  Forum Editor 00:01 21 Dec 2010

is this one click here owned and operated by my favourite chef. There's something fascinating about a person who is so skilled, so obsessed with excellence, and so engaging.

This is where I'll be found the day after I win the lottery.....and for several weeks afterwards.

  Forum Editor 00:05 21 Dec 2010

and cook (he says he's not a chef), is this one:

click here

  wee eddie 00:27 21 Dec 2010

click here

click here

click here

Not your Manoire perhaps, but then I fell out of love with that kind of cooking while at at Hintlesham, Robert Carrier and I fell out when I was critical of, his current squeeze's, Saffron Soup. There is marvellous British cooking to be had, however many of us are just inverted snobs and too short sighted to go and look for it.

"Rant over"

Never got a Michelin star in the 25 years that I had The Stables, but The Good Food Guide rated me 7/10, Les Routiers gave me awards for my Cheeses and Wines, and a wonderful French Guide Book, Les Petites Futé, said that I was completely mad. Those weren't the actual words they used, but a synopsis thereof, they said that I should not be missed.

  Forum Editor 01:09 21 Dec 2010

With respect, don't you think it's a little odd to call people short sighted because they might not share the same preferences as you?

An inverted snob is a person who makes it known that they do not like things which suggest high social position, so I'm not sure how that can apply to the people you refer to.

There is indeed some marvellous British cooking to be had, and there's marvellous French and Italian cooking too. Just because we live in Britain it doesn't mean we have to eat British food all the time, or even prefer it.

  wee eddie 15:18 21 Dec 2010

What annoys me, is the attitude that says that just because it's British, English, Scots, Welsh or Irish, it can't be worth having.

There are superb regional dishes in France, Spain, Italy, in the vast number of regions of India (which are sadly rarely produced here), all the way around the Pacific Rim, and America's great influence of their Settlers blending all the cooking styles of Europe with an entirely new fauna and flora.

Britain is quite far North, geographically speaking, so we cannot grow things that need months of long sunny days to mature, but we do make wonderful White Wines, Beers and Ciders, brilliant Cheeses, in an entirely different tradition to those made in Europe. Our Meats and Game are comparable to any anywhere and our traditional cooking techniques produce dishes that really do make wonderful meals. As an aside, our much maligned traditional Berry Wines can be favourably compared with the finesse of the White Spirits made in the Alsace and Haute Savoie.

All too often I have heard our products decried as sub-standard, just because they are made locally and cannot be any good.

As a man that we are discussing in another Thread is said to have once said

'But Jesus said unto them, "A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house."'

Something similar is frequently intimated of Britain's own Culinary offerings.

  wee eddie 15:23 21 Dec 2010

The bit about Inverted Snobbery, really refers to those that say: "Its foreign so it must be better." and there are millions who appear to think that way.

Sad really

  sunnystaines 16:11 10 Jan 2011

click here

for those with big hunger pains while in america, pity no places like these in the UK

  dagbladet 08:05 11 Jan 2011

I've always loved Russel Davies' site eggbaconchipsandbeans. The basic premise is that he tours the country in search of the best ebcb. I love his writing style and he encourages others to send in their good 'ebcb' finds. Ther's a great nostalgia element as well as he tours those great old town and sea-side cafe's that you may have once visited yourself. Hunt around and you might find an old favourite of your own.

click here

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