What's wrong for us is alright for them then?

  TopCat® 22:40 17 Jan 2009

You may have heard of the recent case of a Liverpool lady driver being stopped by police for eating a crust of bread. She was charged with not being in control of her car, and was given a fixed penalty fine of £60 which also added three point to her licence. click here

Well surprise, surprise. I've just watched an episode of "Road Wars" and saw a Slough motor patrol officer driving his unmarked car whilst eating food carried in his lap. The lady had both hands on the wheel whilst eating her crust, but the policeman constantly removed his hand from the wheel to put food into his mouth.

I'm hoping this lady has seen tonight's episode of "Road Wars" because I reckon it gives her good grounds to appeal her conviction, don't you? TC.

  rdave13 22:51 17 Jan 2009

To be honest..what's new? It's irksome but only day to day happenings.

  User-1229748 23:00 17 Jan 2009

i think the title of your thread says it all,its always been that way and it probably always will be :o(

  laurie53 08:24 18 Jan 2009

When I was responsible for selecting people for working parties to go and pick up litter I regularly didn't select myself.

I do feel so bad about that!

  egapup 10:31 18 Jan 2009

I bet he was a young policeman with abosutely no life experience.

  TopCat® 15:32 18 Jan 2009

The section in the Highway Code that covers driver vehicle control is in many instances open to individual interpretation, according to a advanced driver association spokesman speaking on the radio. They were discussing this case and he said that technically any driver action that diverts the attention and involves taking a hand off the wheel for whatever reason, apart from necessary manual gear changing, can be construed as an offence under the Code. TC.

  Chegs ®™ 15:49 18 Jan 2009

Use of a mobile phone whilst driving will land you points on your licence and a fine,yet I regularly see police officers driving patrol cars with a phone wedged against their ears.

  bremner 15:55 18 Jan 2009

The lady has no grounds to appeal.

The police officer on the other hand may find himself facing a summons if a complaint is received.

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