What's so special about the F drive

  ventanas 08:35 10 Jun 2005

I bought one of these yesterday click here The thing comes partitioned into two, one of 1.44mb which loads as an additional floppy drive, and the other with the rest of the 256mb, which is supposed to load as a removeable drive, which it did, but didn't display. The same problem occurred on three machines, and it finally worked on the fourth. After researching the web site I discovered that the device plays up if it finds a drive F on the system. It doesn't want to be drive F, in fact it doesn't care what letter it is, It just won't work if there is an F drive, and the fourth machine didn't have one.

Why for heavens sake. My CF card reader doesn't mind an F drive, neither does my external disc caddy. Ok it only took seconds to change drive letters and get it working, but the F drive on all three machines was the cd drive, from which all programs had been installed, many of which required access. I therefor spent the rest of the afternoon messing about in regedit changing drive letters. Ok this is also easy, but finding the relevant keys wasn't. It just seems so ridulous to me that something like this could not have been sorted in development.

  Diemmess 19:13 10 Jun 2005

My little gray cells don't really inderstand how these things work anyway, but it must take some extreme effort to put the "F" bug into the works!

What a way to run a business. It may not trouble everyone who buys one, but how many of those affected have even the slightest idea how to fix it?

The sceptic in me notes that there is no telephone number to bleat to tech support.

It's 2 years since I bought my pen drive. It is only 125Mb, no partitions, no passwords, only a write protect switch and probably cost twice as much as yours, but I give it top marks as probably the most useful gizmo I have bought in a long long time.

  ventanas 21:45 12 Jun 2005

Sorry I've ben a while getting back. I agree, it must have beem harder to put the F bug in than to omit it. I only discovered the cause by going to the FAQ section on the site. I do intend to send a rather stiff email on to-morrow because I also want to use this thing to take work home. Both my home PC's have a drive F, or they did. Changed all that last night, and the same messing in regedit as well. I will report back what they say. I least I solved it. As you say, a good many could well have a problem.

  Diemmess 17:52 13 Jun 2005

The sceptic or cynic in me is showing badly now ....... It will be interesting to know what the vendor has to say?......... My dark thoughts involve "a job lot" with this defect, and subsequently a deal that is really cheap to save an otherwise financial loss if/when the word gets around. I bet you are offered a replacement, i.e. unless to quote The Bard of Avon... The rest is silence!

  ventanas 08:44 14 Jun 2005

Well I paid full price (£30.00) for it at PCW and the web site is pretty certain that this is a known issue - period. So I won't hold my breath.

At least its working ok in all machines now.

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