Whats the silliest thing you've ever done?

  Totally-braindead 18:10 10 May 2006

To your PC I mean. We see posts occasionally from people that have a problem and the solution can be quite obvious, like its not plugged in or switched on.

Now I have no desire to see anyone embarass anyone else so if you find this an interesting topic please put down YOUR best screw up not someone elses.

Heres one of mine. I still cringe when I think of this one. I spent about two weeks trying to sort out a keyboard problem, even started pricing for a new one.
The fault I couldn't cure - the numeric pad wouldn't work, changed drivers spent hours on the web looking for new drivers, motherboard updates anything I could think of to track down this elusive problem and no matter what I did it just wouldn't work. But I did eventually solve it. The numeric lock was off. What an idiot.

  wiz-king 18:20 10 May 2006

As IT manager I have seen quite a lot of goofs. A cleanliness fanatic at my firm took all the key caps off to clean them and realised when it came to put them back it was a non-standard keyboard. He then had to fax the manufacturers in the USA to get a plan of the layout...Doh

  saintorsinner 18:24 10 May 2006

I increased the screen resolution on my first computer from 600 x 800 to 1024 x 768 then phoned Dell tech support to complain that my icons had reduced in size. It took him 10 minutes to persuade me that this was O.K. (I had heard all about tech supports giving people the brush off lol)

  welshbenson 18:49 10 May 2006

Bought a packard bell P3 450 Slot 1 CPU, biggest mistake was the motherboard did not come with AGP slot & the on board graphics were crap.

But it's now my test pc, does the job & has been known to run as a triple-boot. May clock it for fun though in the future? Not sure.

  BRYNIT 18:57 10 May 2006

The silliest thing I ever did was trying to format a floppy disk. Many years ago when I got my first Computer. A week after setting it up and trying everything to see how it works I bought some floppy disks to save some files. I tried to format a disk from Windows 3.1. Being a new toy I skipped through the windows Manuel but couldn't get it to work.

I read in the Dos manual that you could format the disk from dos. I booted computer to the dos prompt as I was reading the instructions I typed form. I quickly read the warning and pressed enter even though I was not sure what the warning message ment.

I then spent the next two day reading the Motherboard/dos/windows/video and sound card manuals on how to install every thing.

I now read everything carefully.

  keith-236134 19:05 10 May 2006

Buying one and getting totally hooked must be silliest thing i've done.

  pj123 19:23 10 May 2006

Logging on and registering on this site.

Since I did that I have never been able to log off.

  Forum Editor 19:26 10 May 2006

I bet that strikes a chord for many forum members.

My own silliest thing happened many years ago when I first went to Paris to work. I had wangled a meeting with a man who later became one of my best, and longest running clients (I still advise him), and I was desperate to impress. To that end I took a floppy disk (years ago, remember) with a fancy network diagram I had designed in my desktop publishing program. I was extremely proud of it, and couldn't wait to show it off.

Cut to the meeting - client has assembled his fellow directors, and his drop-dead gorgeous PA, who had given me that certain smile when I arrived. I could hardly wait to show off, and with shaking hands I retrieved the floppy disk from my bag, approached the chairman's PC and leaned forward to insert it. Drop-dead gorgeous PA met my eyes, this was my big moment.

Disk in drive, clicked to open the drive, and there it was..........a totally blank screen - no files on the disk whatsoever. I had packed a blank, instead of my masterwork. We still laugh about it occasionally, when he wants to put me in my place.

  Noldi 19:26 10 May 2006

Clicked on a pop up telling me I needed to do a virus scan and crashed my computer.

  amonra 19:43 10 May 2006

Years ago, scanned a photo to send to my son, OK.
The following day I went to scan my daily Xword and right in the middle of the scanned image was the photo I had scanned yesterday!. Thinks, it's still in the memory of the scanner. Looked everywhere for "delete image", unable to find it. Thinks again, scan a plain sheet of paper to have a white background. No good, damn photo STILL there ! Only one thing for it, un-instal scanner and reinstal. Half an hour later new scan of sheet of paper - - - DAMN PHOTO AGAIN !
To cut a long story short, photo was stuck to glass on scanner !!!!! Where is the hole to crawl into.

  Shortstop 20:42 10 May 2006

Well, many years ago, I bought a new PC. As is my way, I decided to clear out the files that were not needed to increase free space on the hard drive [help files, sounds, etc]

Unfortunately, I deleted an important file that was needed for the boot-up sequence and couldn't repair it as I was seriously out of my depth. Result: one paperweight - and I'd only had the PC a couple of hours. I spent a *very* quiet evening with the wife watching TV. Next day took the PC to my mentor who repaired it & I gave him £30.

Finally, to add salt to the wound, the recovery disc that would have repaired the machine by installing Windows anew fell out of the box as was taking it to the bin the following day.

I still routinely delete files on a new PC .......


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