whats the problem with kate photos

  sunnystaines 18:35 14 Sep 2012

if she runs around topless why complain when photographed, william is looking straight at the camera in one of the photos must have known they were being taken.

most young ladies go topless in the sun so why the fuss.

  Forum Editor 18:46 14 Sep 2012

I'm surprised that you need to have it explained, but the fuss is because Kate is the wife of the heir to the throne, and most young ladies are not.

She is entitled not to have topless photographs of her that were taken on private property sold to the highest bidder for publication.

The invasion of privacy issue seems clear cut to me, and I predict that William and Kate will receive an offer to settle out of court. The magazine concerned behaved disgracefully, but it's run by Silvio Berlusconi's holding company, so I guess it would be wrong to expect normal standards of press restraint.

  Joseph Kerr 18:46 14 Sep 2012

I haven't seen the picture fo which you speak, but what are you implying exactly?

On another but related note, there seems to be lots of dissaproval because of who she is. It seems to me that we should dissaprove of this kind of thing or not, regardless of who it happens to.

  Chegs ®™ 19:35 14 Sep 2012

I've searched the internet for these pictures,& they all seem to have vanished so I think someone's now panicking that this invasion of her privacy could cost them dearly.I did find some pictures of her before removing her top,& they are grainy.I also found various captions linked to these pictures stating they'd been taken with a very long ranged telephoto lens hense the grainy images,so I can see why William didn't see the photographer.I also think that if Kate is naive enough to think that sunbathing topless wont attract the gutter press to take extraordinary measures to get pictures,she needs to talk to her security people more as I'm sure they'll reveal some of the press antics they've foiled.Kate is a very beautiful woman,and shouldn't worry unduly that people are interested in seeing pictures of her topless.Kate is also a celebrity,and therefore will find that the media are everywhere.Many other celebrities have been photographed in revealing clothing.This latest generation of Royals appear to view nudity as normal,and only after their images have been revealed to the world does any dissent appear.

  sunnystaines 19:38 14 Sep 2012

then she should not go topless if overlooked.

  Bing.alau 19:39 14 Sep 2012

Don't forget that it was this kind of thing which drove Diana to distraction. No wonder her son William intends to sue them.

If these photographers want to take pictures of topless women, there's lots of places they can find them. But invading people's privacy by using camera's capable of taking pictures from thousands of yards away is criminal.

  morddwyd 20:01 14 Sep 2012

"then she should not go topless if overlooked."

A bit harsh.

It is voyeurism (for that is what thus is) which is illegal, not relaxing in your own private grounds.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:18 14 Sep 2012

Were it me I would not accept an out of court settlement. I would push for punitive damages. I heard today that the french are supposed to have some seriously tough privacy laws. But such laws are meaningless when the publications have a budget for just such eventualities. The proprietors and editor(s) should be made to realise that fines and reparations are not merely the cost of doing buisness.


  Grey Goo 20:36 14 Sep 2012

Lucky it wasn't a Psycho with a Barratt sniper rifle.

  interzone55 20:37 14 Sep 2012


It's hardly overlooked, got to be nearly half a mile to the nearest proper road, and there's no buildings for miles around

Google Maps

  amonra 21:23 14 Sep 2012

The gutter-press rag has got what it wanted, oodles of free publicity, new readers, (if they can read, not just look at pictures) and small fine if convicted by a French court. Is this the start of another Diana hounding episode ?

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