What's Ours?

  morddwyd 19:47 05 Nov 2011

So the German owners of British Midland are selling it to the Spanish owners of British Airways.

Do we own anything of British value any more?

  morddwyd 19:49 05 Nov 2011
  morddwyd 20:11 05 Nov 2011

I did

"with its registered office in Madrid, Spain."

  Forum Editor 00:15 06 Nov 2011

Do we own anything of British value any more?

Well, there's BT, Morgan cars,BP,Vodafone,Rolls Royce (aero engine division),Tesco, Sainsburys, John Lewis,The BBC,Aston Martin, Glenfiddich....the list is still a long one,and anyway,in this age of globalisation does it really matter?

  morddwyd 06:56 06 Nov 2011

"does it really matter?"

It does to me, that;s why I posted.

Purely personal, of course.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:41 06 Nov 2011


Were you referring to the likes of:

British Coal

British Steel

British Rail

All sold off by the previous Tory government.

  spuds 12:21 07 Nov 2011

I suppose that you can take another view about British, and that is to find how many British companies or owners get their finance from oversea sources?.

With regards to other British companies, I wonder how many smaller shareholders actually have a say in the company that they invest in, and have their say over-shadowed by larger investors. I think it was BT or some similar organisation that had an AGM when the smaller investors questioned the board of directors,after a bigger venue was required, and 'lost the vote'!.

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