What's Ours?

  morddwyd 19:47 05 Nov 2011

So the German owners of British Midland are selling it to the Spanish owners of British Airways.

Do we own anything of British value any more?

  morddwyd 19:49 05 Nov 2011
  Woolwell 19:53 05 Nov 2011

British Airways is actually the International Airlines Group see wikipedia

  morddwyd 20:11 05 Nov 2011

I did

"with its registered office in Madrid, Spain."

  Forum Editor 00:15 06 Nov 2011

Do we own anything of British value any more?

Well, there's BT, Morgan cars,BP,Vodafone,Rolls Royce (aero engine division),Tesco, Sainsburys, John Lewis,The BBC,Aston Martin, Glenfiddich....the list is still a long one,and anyway,in this age of globalisation does it really matter?

  Kevscar1 05:37 06 Nov 2011

Aston Martin is co owned by Ford and Investment dar a Kuwaiti company, Wouldn't call that a British Company

  Kevscar1 05:49 06 Nov 2011

Rolls Royce by BMW

  morddwyd 06:56 06 Nov 2011

"does it really matter?"

It does to me, that;s why I posted.

Purely personal, of course.

  interzone55 10:56 06 Nov 2011


FE specifically stated Rolls Royce (aero engine division), which is listed on the London Stock Exchange, so would be widely regarded as a British company, it's also head-quartered in Westminster.

Rolls Royce cars are indeed owned by BMW, and Bentley by VW, and let me tell you as someone who's driven (but unfortunately not owned) Pre & Post sale RR & Bentley cars, they are now far better than they used to be. Although maybe the fact that so many footballers own Continentals does tarnish their image somewhat...

  Kevscar1 12:08 06 Nov 2011

you are right about aero division my apology

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:41 06 Nov 2011


Were you referring to the likes of:

British Coal

British Steel

British Rail

All sold off by the previous Tory government.

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