What's In A Name?

  Bapou 17:48 17 Dec 2008

A baker in New Jersey, U.S.A believes there is, 'No Cake For Little Hitler': click here

Wal Mart had no qualms, he got is cake!

Looks to me Mum and Dad have not exactly thought about the boy going out into the big wide world using his given name in years to come.

  canarieslover 18:14 17 Dec 2008

I must admit to not wanting to go through life with a name like that. Probably all the children will be queueing up to change their names by deed poll as soon as they are old enough.

  DANZIG 08:39 18 Dec 2008

What a charming family they must be, naming their kids after Hitler and Himmler.

The other one (Aryan Nation) just goes to show that the guys alleged reason ('No-one else is going to have that name...') is NOT the reason intended.

  dagnammit 09:10 18 Dec 2008

Agree with DANZIG.

His childrens' names have a consistent theme.

  DippyGirl 10:09 18 Dec 2008

No lifeguards at the gene pool. Anyone can have kids and call them what they want.
Bad for the children ? Almost certainly.
Imagine little Ado growing up, gets a hard time because his namesake .... thinks "well if I am going to get the grief for the name I may as well act the role" - By the time he is old enough to divorce his parents and set out on his own it will probably be too late
.... all too avoidable

  interzone55 10:38 18 Dec 2008

As I've always said, sometimes the Family Planning clinics should refuse planning permission...

  The Brigadier 10:48 18 Dec 2008

The guy is just a nutter to think the names will not effect the children in years to come!

  Cymro. 14:15 18 Dec 2008

There have been many such bad choices for a child's name but this must surely be just about the worst choice ever.

It will be interesting to see if anyone on this forum will even try to justify the choice of name.

The only possible justification I can think of, and even then only in a tongue in cheek sort of way, is that these parents took the idea out of the Johnny Cash song "A Boy Named Sue".

  Cymro. 14:21 18 Dec 2008

Has anyone a similar example of a parent giving a child a ridiculous name? Only in this case I suppose that ridiculous is too mild a way to describe the use of Adolf Hitler as a name for your child. If you also have a link to the example then so much the better.

  carver 14:24 18 Dec 2008

I so pity that kid and his other 2 siblings as they grow up, how could a parent force such names onto their children, I suppose the kids could apply to be adopted on the grounds their parents are both mentally retarded.

  Cymro. 14:37 18 Dec 2008

"For the time being, the matter has been settled - the Campbells had their cake made by Wal-Mart"

So obviously the parents have left themselves wide open to criticism, but what about the shop Wal-Mart then. Do you think that they should have taken the order?

As I think of Wal-Mart as a sort of pinnacle of the capitalist system I am not particularly surprised that they accepted the order, anything for a bit of profit sort of thing.

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