What's the most amusing sign you've come across?

  oresome 11:04 30 Sep 2018

Walking round an old town the other day, one plaque on a house wall read " In September 1782 nothing much happened here."

  hastelloy 11:26 30 Sep 2018

Outside a Pizza Restaurant it said:

"Come and enjoy our Pizzas then neither of us will go hungry".

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:29 30 Sep 2018

  lotvic 22:36 30 Sep 2018

A local play park with swings, slides, Basketball hoop and Backboard has a notice saying 'No Ball Games'

  Menzie 01:34 01 Oct 2018

While on the road I saw a lorry from this company and I just loved their slogan.

  morddwyd 12:01 06 Oct 2018

Truro School

"Boys at Large"!

  Pine Man 15:43 07 Oct 2018

Probably not the most amusing but it made me smile.

I was driving along country lanes in Southern Ireland many years ago when I came to a roundabout. The first junction off the roundabout had 'No Entry' signs, which were not in themselves amusing, but the next signs about 50 yards further up that road read "Wrong Way Go Back!'. That, I did find amusing (and quite sensible).

  john bunyan 16:57 07 Oct 2018

A local pub, The Black Dog , has a sign “ No Dogs Allowed”. Another pub has a sign “Dogs Welcome, humans permitted “

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