What's the life expectancy of your computer?

  Forum Editor 23:08 14 Feb 2006

A regular forum contributor (VoG™) bought a new computer not long ago, and in his thread about his new machine click here he mentioned that his previous machine had served him well for five years - more or less since this forum went online.

That set me wondering - how long on average do other members keep their computers before making a change. I'm not talking about upgrades - adding a new drive, or some more RAM - but a completely new machine.

How old is your current machine, and when will you replace it?

Or if you have recently acquired a new computer, how old was the previous one?

  stalion 23:11 14 Feb 2006

I usually look to replace my computer about every five years, by then it has become so out of date with the advance in technology it's like a dinosaur.

  wolfie3000 23:27 14 Feb 2006

My pc is about 2 years old but so full of upgrades you could call it a new pc lol.
But im hoping it will last another year before i need a new one.

My previuos pc i had for about 3 years.
It dyed from being accidentaly dropped down a flight of stairs
when i moved house.

  Forum Editor 23:37 14 Feb 2006

they have 'woodsman's axe' computers. It's the same machine as five years ago, but has had a new case, new motherboard, new RAM, hard-drive, new monitor, etc., etc.,

But not all at the same time - the computer never gets completely replaced, it just evolves.

At the moment I'm marking time. My next move will probably be to dual-core, 64bit computing, but not until the end of this year - probably to coincide with the launch of Vista. What I can't decide about is whether to make the break with a desktop machine altogether, and go for a well-specced desktop-replacement laptop, or stick with a big black box that sits humming away a feet along the desk.

  Djohn 23:40 14 Feb 2006

Mine is about 4 years old but upgraded various parts over the years right up till a few months back, then final upgrade with 2 new optical drives, can't go any further now, so will be buying all new parts to self build a new machine in the next few weeks.

  stalion 23:45 14 Feb 2006

not expecting to replace my pc for another three years current one is twenty months old but the requirements for windows vista could alter the time scale

  Whatisram 23:55 14 Feb 2006

as long as your pc is doing what you want it to do, why change it?

  Chegs ®™ 00:05 15 Feb 2006

My present PC is approx 3yrs,my 1st PC was bought in 98 and is still inuse by a friend,its replacement (6yrs) is still inuse by my daughter.I would like to build a replacement for my present PC but its able to manage the latest games.Its replacement will be 64 bit,as these machines are much better equipped to deal with video rendering,and also PCi-E which should then do me for a very long time as I no longer need "bragging-rights" performance for the majority of tasks I use my PC.I am just waiting awhile for the next generation CPU's to arrive and will hopefully pick-up a bargain priced 64 bit.

  007al 00:18 15 Feb 2006

Had an off the shelf AMD socket A this time last year.March,i built an AMD Athlon64,socket 754.Around August,i built an AMD Athlon,socket 939 SLi system.The only change since,has been to put in an AMD Opteron146.
Next big change will probably be when Vista surfaces,using the new AMD socket AM2 processors(using DDR2 RAM).

  Simsy 03:26 15 Feb 2006

in the spring of 2000.

I had a mobo failure in Summer of 2004. Up to that point I'd only added RAM and replaced the CDRW with a better model.

When the mobo needed replacing I bought a new processor as well. So I went from a 550Mhz to a 1100Mhz, (which was already quite old hat by then anyway) I also bought a new 40Gig HDD.

If the mobo hadn't failed I honestly believe I'd be using pretty much the same machine. Though not fast by todays standards, it did everything I needed quite fast enough, and there have always been better uses for my money.

I have just, in the past few months, (November), upgraded to XP Home, with another New HDD, a slghtly faster CPU, (1.3 Mghz), and more, faster RAM, to cope with XP.

I wasn't having any problems with 98se, but more software now requires XP, so it was a gift to myself, from me and my wife, for my birthday. I don't suppose this will last 5 years... but I won't replace it in that time unless I need to, as opposed to want to. Other things will always have a better claim on my cash!

That's why I'm doing nightshifts!!



  watchful 04:11 15 Feb 2006

exactly four years old, with no upgrades, and is doing well. It will have to struggle on for a few more years too as a new one is not on the agenda :0(

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