What's cheaper abroad?

  kev.Ifty 00:57 01 Aug 2004

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What computer related items etc.. are cheaper in them "foreign" countries?.....

Just been to Holland where Wanadoo are offering Broadband 512k for 9.95(£7) Euro per month for the 1st 3 months.

then rising to 22.95(£15ish) for the next 9 months

This includes free modem no conection fee and no download limit

Plus you can have a WIFI Modem for 69(£50ish) euro not bad methinks

Some are even cheeper

click here

Cheers Kev

  Sapins 09:26 01 Aug 2004

kev.Ifty, careful you don't get cross threaded.

How about, wine, spirits, beer, cigarettes, cigars, food,(yes it is Gandalf and it's a better quality), printer paper, petrol and diesel, no road fund tax, house and land prices, cars and vans etc; eating out, most household goods, A lot more goods are about equal to the UK.

Plus things you don't have to pay for but you get a lot more of them, tradesmen, including electricity, gas and water, who turn up on time every time, work from 7-30am to usually 6/7pm, yes they have a 2hour lunch break, but they do not stop at all for tea breaks and they have to give give a ten year guarantee by law, courtesy, civility and patience in queues, opinions respected, tolerance, space, sunshine, and a lot less of these, crime, hooligans, binge drinkers, drunks in town centres, pushing in supermarkets, and now dare I say it French drivers are more disciplined!.

I rest my case.


  Sapins 09:29 01 Aug 2004

Oh! I forgot to mention Family values and polite children. Other things will probably spring to mind.


  ayrmail 09:49 01 Aug 2004

Oh they all smell of garlic and speak funny over there! Sorry I’m generalising and we shouldn’t do that should we.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:00 01 Aug 2004

'Oh! I forgot to mention Family values and polite children'...and these are evident on the sink estates that surround Paris?

'opinions respected'...Oooh, the French Government is one of the most democratic in Europe and really respects public feeling/eyes raise.

'turn up on time every time'..not in Carcassonne they don't. Which page of Hans Christian Anderson's book are you living in?


  Sapins 10:30 01 Aug 2004

Hi ayrmail and of course your good self GANDALF <|:-)>.

Thats probably why they kiss you sideways on here lol.

Now then oh wise one,

Agree, sink estates are a problem around Paris, but there are less of them in the country as a whole compared to the UK.

The French Government puts it's own people first and does not nanny it's citizens!! I won't mention any Arab countries.

You aren't employing English builders are you?

Which page?, which page?, how can a gormless soul like me read Hans Christian Anderson books;-))


  Sapins 10:32 01 Aug 2004

Sorry kev.Ifty, mustn't hijack your thread, I'll bite my tongue now and just read the posts.



  spuds 13:48 01 Aug 2004

What's cheaper abroad you may ask. I know a little shop South East Asia way, that do a good line in the latest computer software :o)

  Danoh 01:41 02 Aug 2004

most items cost in Dollars the same as in GBP or less. And they are often the latest upgrades or even products not yet introduced into the UK market.

Many components are also cheaper in the Far East although arguably, there's more risk of low quality products although not as common as it is reported sometimes.

  cga 13:14 03 Aug 2004

Used to be cheaper than the UK for most technology related items (Storage, Memory etc.) but not any longer. There is very little in it. The only advantage I have is that I have a bigger market place to search (UK AND Germany).

The one exception is ADSL - Much cheaper and faster here that what I read & hear about in the UK. I guess I shall be retiring back to the UK in the next few years and I hope that, by then, UK broadband has reached the levels I am currently enjoying.

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