What's the catch...

  darkreign 17:39 19 Aug 2008

...with all these phone companies that offer free ps3/360/laptops etc with phones?

I mean apart from the obvious of tying you down for 18 months and charging £40/per month.

Are these goodies second hand or new?


  dagbladet 18:02 19 Aug 2008

"I mean apart from the obvious of tying you down for 18 months and charging £40/per month."

Er...that's it.

  mrwoowoo 18:20 19 Aug 2008

You are basically buying a laptop etc on tic, as the extra that they put on top each month almost covers the cost of the "free" item.
Yes they are new.

  Si_L 19:06 19 Aug 2008

You are paying £720 for a contract.

The least they should be giving you is a small country, so a laptop is a bad deal.

  darkreign 19:14 19 Aug 2008

but £40 is the average with a new phone nowadays, and people who want the latest technology are willing to pay for it, so the phone companies don't really have to make such offers, do they?

I mean people are willing to pay the money and will do so without any 'icing on the cake' so-to-speak!

Perhaps i'm just going through a stupid phase, while i'm in this phase, i might as well contact vodafone and request a ps3 (6 months into my contract). Think they'll oblige?

  GRIDD 19:26 19 Aug 2008

the ps3 etc only come with older models of phones for the premium line rental.

New mobiles like the iphone or that touch samsung won't be accompanied by a ps3 or wii.....

  interzone55 20:14 19 Aug 2008

Most phone companies offer pretty much the same phones / minutes / texts etc, so the only differentiator is the "freebie".

So is it the N95 on O2, Orange, Vodaphone or 3? Instead of choosing the network you choose a budget laptop, PS3, Xbox 360 or iPod Touch...

  darkreign 20:31 19 Aug 2008

...that i didn't look around for a freebie with my contract. I'll prbably have to accept my loss now that I'm six months into my contract.

But i'll still send them a polite letter of request and see if i can get something outta Vodafone...ps3/xbox (i could certainly do with a new laptop). Probably get a polite response telling me where to go.

Still, you don't ask you don't get.


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