What's the best way to round up an escaped hamster?

  Aitchbee 16:15 03 Oct 2011

My neice's hamster has gone AWOL from its cage.She's worried it might eat through the wiring in her house, when it gets a bit hungry. Any suggestions?

  Crosstrainer2 16:25 03 Oct 2011

They tend to head for the floorboards and get under........This might sound stupid, but I do know the Fire Brigade have come to the rescue on such occasions.

The other alternative is to explain gently that hammy is in heaven but he sent down a baby for her to look after. See here I can do compassion over there (Darkside...Well I guess it's my side now) I have to knock heads together.

The FB will COme out and the RSPCA....Hope you find it.

  Aitchbee 16:40 03 Oct 2011

Cheers Crosstrainer2 - I will pass on advice, now.

  Aitchbee 16:43 03 Oct 2011

BTW - my niece is 40 years of age!

  LanceAlot 16:47 03 Oct 2011

You didn't put 'wanted dead or alive' on your poster. I'll lend you my cat if you like.

  Aitchbee 16:53 03 Oct 2011

LanceAlot - I think hammy was watch'n too many meerkat ads, either that, or 'The Great Escape'.

  bremner 16:57 03 Oct 2011

Invite Freddie Starr to dinner

  Crosstrainer2 16:58 03 Oct 2011


She will understand:}}

  BT 17:17 03 Oct 2011

I remember many years ago when my son had a hampster that got out of its cage during the night. I suddenly woke up and saw it about 6" away from my face sitting on my pillow. My reaction was to brush it off without thinking, and then spent about an hour coaxing it out from under the bed.

  zzzz999 17:54 03 Oct 2011

leave its cage on the floor and food out for it, alternatively get a humane trap loaded with its food.

  morddwyd 17:56 03 Oct 2011

A vet friend once told me about his only official reprimand from his professional body.

He was treating a hamster one day when it bit his finger.

He flicked his hand quickly, as you do, and hammy described a graceful arc, at some speed, through the air and fetched up against the wall.

This caused hammy's immediate demise, to the owner's chagrin, who complained to the professional body.

He said that as they delivered the reprimand they were all looking down at the table refusing to meet his eye, and at least two pairs of shoulders were shaking!

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