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What's the best thing you have learned from these

  Sapins 11:23 04 Oct 2004


Mine has to be, you can find the solution to any computer problem here in a friendly atmosphere.

  Sapins 12:38 04 Oct 2004

I agree, It does restore your faith in people and from a mans point of view also, I prefer not to have to put up with swearing, as you say, time and place.



  watchful 18:09 04 Oct 2004

As has already been said, meeting really nice, helpful people and not being made to look a fool when you ask the silliest of questions; which we all do when we first get a computer.

I have also changed my name but it is still a nickname.

  LastChip 19:31 04 Oct 2004

Sometimes, what can appear to be the most basic of advice, is welcome.

Some members here have zero computing knowledge, and starting on a problem from scratch, often leads to the most speedy resolution.

As with all diagnosis, start at the beginning and work in a methodical manner.

  Forum Editor 01:08 05 Oct 2004

1. That there's nothing more interesting (and at times more infuriating) than human nature.

2. That tolerance and patience are prerequisites for a happy forum life. Nellie2 sums it up perfectly.

3. That some people will go to extraordinary lengths to help others, with no thought of personal aggrandisement.

4. That I really enjoy doing this, despite telling my wife at least once a week that I've had enough of it.

I've been seeing some of you here day in and day out for several years now - what would we do if the problems dried up? Not that there's any chance of that happening.

  S5W 19:25 06 Oct 2004

I've learnt to try and get myself out of trouble before asking for help (usually:-)) and to read as many threads as I can find time for, that way I have learnt oodles. Thank you all who give advice and assistance.

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