What's the best thing you have learned from these

  Sapins 11:23 04 Oct 2004


Mine has to be, you can find the solution to any computer problem here in a friendly atmosphere.

  wallbash 11:36 04 Oct 2004

There are some really nice people , who understand and reply , to all of our computer based problems.

The world is not as bad as you might sometimes be lead to believe.

  carolineann 12:05 04 Oct 2004

I agree with you.

Also from a woman's point of veiw I find that the bonus is no swearing like some forums ( I am not a prude I can curse with the best of them, but there is a time and a place)

I know a few of my friends tend to use nicknames that mean they dont stand out as women.

I must admit I did the same on this forum at first.
Then I found that there was no discrimination so I changed to my real name.

Ok so I was a dumb blonde at first, but this forum has taught me loads.

  Sapins 12:38 04 Oct 2004

I agree, It does restore your faith in people and from a mans point of view also, I prefer not to have to put up with swearing, as you say, time and place.



  Nellie2 18:04 04 Oct 2004

The best thing I have learnt is tolerance and patience. Sometimes the person who is helping me isn't around... jumping up and down in frustration isn't going to get them to come to my aid any faster.

Sometimes the person I am helping doesn't quite understand... so I remember what it was like to battle with a problem that was getting the better of me and try to take it one step at a time!

  watchful 18:09 04 Oct 2004

As has already been said, meeting really nice, helpful people and not being made to look a fool when you ask the silliest of questions; which we all do when we first get a computer.

I have also changed my name but it is still a nickname.

  fitcher 19:21 04 Oct 2004

I am a pensioner who started in computers with my son years ago .I have enjoyed the times when things were changing every week and we upgraded continualy ,I still keep the hundreds and hundreds of old computer mags under black bags in the garage ,and I have all the old price lists from computer shops gone bust in the past .I some times look at the processors prices and the headlines when the amd,300 amd came out ..now I have reached the bored stage ,,and the other day for the devil of it , i bought one of these fancy cases with all the lights and temperature on the front and changed everything over ,,looks like blackpool tower,wife says i've gone mad .now if only technoligy would pick up and the excitment come back in computering

  LastChip 19:31 04 Oct 2004

Sometimes, what can appear to be the most basic of advice, is welcome.

Some members here have zero computing knowledge, and starting on a problem from scratch, often leads to the most speedy resolution.

As with all diagnosis, start at the beginning and work in a methodical manner.

  VoG II 21:49 04 Oct 2004

an awful lot actually. Just by "lurking" and also by searching for the answers to problems, or trying things on my own 'puter to check if my ideas will work.

I have also come to the simple conclusion that people are not like computers - you cannot simply issue an instruction and get the required action. I am a bit short sometimes and often post just a "click here" - most of the time this is OK but sometimes a bit more guidance is needed. Slaps own wrist. However it is difficult to know unless the postee expressly states "I am a newbie" or similar.

I have also learnt what a friendly bunch of people we have on here. Plus this has got to be one of the internet's fastest sites in terms of answers to questions.

Finally, on swearing. No, we don't need this and I own up to doing this in the past. Regardless of who might be accessing the forum, it really is not necessary.

Still waiting for my platinum-plated mouse :o)

  shizzy 21:52 04 Oct 2004

As said above you feel you can trust the members and the help offered. No deliberate wrong solutions.

  end 23:05 04 Oct 2004

that my insistance on remaining annonymous is respected ;

"no deliberate wrong solutions"...interesting comment.....

and, vog "platinum-plated mouse"...chocolate one tastes nicer;

the camaradare on the threads,;
the humour that flies in and out; admiting that I am a novice at computing;
that nowt is tooo simple nor tooo complicated to request help with;
and I class myself as a newbi ( yes, vog I do (!) )

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