whats are your local roads like

  polish 20:53 18 Sep 2010

around were i live alot of the roads are quite poor lots of pot holes and generally worn out made worse by the winter.is this made by budget cuts or is it local authority dependent i was in york recently and the roads there seemed quite good compared to were i live

  wellshgit 22:03 18 Sep 2010

There were a lot of really bad potholes around here after the coldest winter for years, but the local authority seem to have filled most of them as well as re surfacing the really large ones. still some small ones, mostly in back streets.

  rdave13 22:28 18 Sep 2010

Councils can only maintain the highways to their alloted budgets. Time for you to query your Council seeing as you are a rates payer (customer).
I certainly would.

  octal 22:40 18 Sep 2010

I'm trying to work this one out. Our local authority in their wisdom decided that some of the roads in our area needed calming measures implemented so the Muppets wasted money putting speed cushions in, the only problem one of the roads they installed them on the pot holes were so bad you could speed even if you wanted to, they seem to find the money to install those things, why couldn't they repair the road? They have since repaired the road, so that meant lifting all the speed cushions and relaying them when they had finished, what a cock-eyed way of working.

  Blackhat 10:09 19 Sep 2010

Roads are so bad around my area that a major local bus route is about to stop.
click here

  zzzz999 10:16 19 Sep 2010

really suffered during the severe winter, council finally getting round to sorting the worst.

  jack 10:29 19 Sep 2010

Is that a patch is not really weather tight, and with a new cold spell will simply disintegrate.
The only satisfactory solution would to be a total re surface.
Some chance

  Belatucadrus 13:38 19 Sep 2010

Ours is like a moonscape and has long patches where the entire top surface has worn away, it really needed total resurfacing three years ago, but all we get is the very occasional visit from the guys with the tarmac cannon to spray gunk into the deepest crevasses, the ones drivers of big 4x4s have to swerve to avoid falling in.

  namtas 14:18 19 Sep 2010

From what I was told, potholes in the road that are deemed to require urgent attention can be filled in temporary. From what I have viewed this seems to consist of little more that a chappie with a shovel and a barrow load of the black stuff, who fills the hole, then runs over it with the truck, job done. This is only supposed to be temporary fix. The proper job should follow up within a given time and this should consist of cutting the hole out, patching, rolling and sealing. When this sealing is done properly the patch should be as good as the original

  WhiteTruckMan 16:13 19 Sep 2010

and one that I had considered starting a new thread about, is that the road surfaces themselves are wearing out. Pot holes you can usually see and have a fair chance of avoiding, but a worn surface that has lost its sharpness and been polished smooth is in my opinon far more dangerous. Much like black ice. Especially after a few dry days folled by a downpour.

Of course I admit that my opinion may be clouded by the five people who have skidded into my rear end in the last month alone! (4 times into my trailer and once into my car. Thank goodness for towbars! One well and truly stuffed vectra, and a scene that could have turned ugly with 4 beefy looking builders getting out of the car. Fortunately it happened in front of a police car!)


  polish 20:04 19 Sep 2010

sorry about the late response family and work get in the way.obviously this is a nation wide problem and one that need addressing we have also had roads relayed that are not very busy and the ones that are busy left in a mess we are near the end of major gas works and this has only added to the problem why cant the utilities companys be made to repair there holes correctly it doesnt take long for the repair to sink

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