Whatever next?

  wiz-king 07:33 12 Feb 2010

The OXO cubes in the kitchen have transmogified! Not square anymore.
Is nothing sacred?

  Uboat 08:08 12 Feb 2010

Hey NOT square.? do u have a link

  Awshum 08:12 12 Feb 2010

This is hardly news. They're X's and before you say shrinkage they are the same weight as the square ones.

  Awshum 08:14 12 Feb 2010
  wiz-king 08:20 12 Feb 2010

I only use them - dont do shopping - opened a new packet this morning and found they had changed.

  morddwyd 08:22 12 Feb 2010

"This is hardly news"

It was news to me.

  Awshum 08:28 12 Feb 2010

Fair enough, I like the X design as it's far easier to break up than the cube.

  Quickbeam 09:49 12 Feb 2010

Not really a big problem, but if they ever tried to make chocolate oranges in the shape of a tangerine...

  donki 10:03 12 Feb 2010

You have OXO cubes for breakfast??? :P

  Input Overload 10:07 12 Feb 2010

This is the sort of thing that I really dislike. What is the world coming to? Totally spoiled my weekend now. I'm going to have to re-think my life plan now.

  wiz-king 10:10 12 Feb 2010

Breakfast! - 7.30 is almost lunch time - I get up a 4.30 and was putting on a stew for tonight.

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