What is your Ideal?

  Sapins 11:07 15 Aug 2004

Mine is to have my desktop in the office with no clutter such as piles of outdated magazines, trays full of printouts I haven't looked at since I printed them, an unbelievable mountain of CD's from magazines, bought software etc; all of which I am definitely going to throw out tomorrow!!!

Then an upgrade to a faster processor, say 3GB, with appropriate memory etc; at the moment it has a Pentium 111 650mb processor, no don't laugh :-( , with the relevant accessories, a laptop to take into the garden on a beautiful day like today, all wireless and networked of course. I'm lucky to have 1mb Broadband so I can surf to my hearts content, as these forums would confirm, if they could talk, now theres an idea!

Oh! and a 10 million pixel camera, and a monitor the size of the wall I used to stare at BBC ( Before Broadband Came ), waiting for ever to download something :-), and finally the most comfortable, reclining to be at the right distance from the new screen looking slightly upwards, chair.

Nearly forgot, air conditioning and a fridge built into the chair.

I'm saving all my spare Euros.

  Stuartli 13:28 15 Aug 2004

An ideal outcome - unfortunately tomorrow never comes.

Wish you luck..:-)

  oresome 20:30 15 Aug 2004

Research results the other day suggested that despite increasing affluence and surrounding ourselves with material things, we are no happier for it.

Be happy with what you've got is my message, although the cool beer at the side of Sapin's customised chair is tempting.

  cga 13:30 16 Aug 2004

I keep hoping that, "when everything is set up as I want it", I will have more time for "other things".

However, the impact of this is :-

At home: I only have problems at weekends!! Monday - Friday everything runs well. Hmm... Funny that!!

at work: When we get everything set up well I will be out of work and will not be able to afford to do anything else!!

So, if i don't touch my home PC it will work well but I will lose a part of my life and, at work, a quiet life would be a poor one!!

  Mister Splendid©®™! 19:03 16 Aug 2004

A 3GB proccessor! That might be interesting, lol.

  Sapins 19:22 16 Aug 2004

Hands up, I really meant 3GHz :-((

  Dorsai 21:31 16 Aug 2004

My ideal would just be the desk free of usless clutter, left by the others who also use the same desk, and who seem to think it is useful to keep endless scraps of paper, with a name on, but no reason for the name, or a phone numner, with no name, or a doodle (??) or empty sweet wrappers, or biro's that don't write.........

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