What is your HOME pc doing most of the time?

  Blackhat 13:06 10 Mar 2007

I was asked this question yesterday and after thinking about it I realised that about 75% of my home pc usage is my wife on ebay!

My 25% is split between internet use (non ebay), photo editing and I am slowly writing a book.

I am a game free zone, if I had time to play a game I should be getting on with my writing.

So what does yours do most of the time?

  royalflush 13:26 10 Mar 2007

Hi Blackcat

I play on a game called Call Of Duty 2 about 40% then about 20% sending/reciving emails,15% studying (Http/html ect)then the rest surfing...boring guy aint i..lol

  FungusBoggieman 13:58 10 Mar 2007

our pc seems to be on 24/7

kids = chat online 20%
wife = online shopping ( spends to much)15%
me = online gaming ( call of duty 2 - day of defeat - red orchestra )50%
browseing = 15%

  Forum Editor 14:18 10 Mar 2007

because I run a home office, and they all seem to be running most of the time. Three of them are devoted to this forum.

It's a living.

My wife uses hers mainly for email and surfing opera sites. She has a 'work' laptop which gets used on the network now and then.

  Bingalau 14:55 10 Mar 2007

FE. I had the impression you were on 24/7 as they say now-a-days. or 100% of the time unless you are away on duty elsewhere. I've now got a picture of you stuck in a study surrounded by three Computers and all sorts of ancillery equipment. Or in a plane with a lap-top on your knee typing away like mad.

  Bingalau 14:57 10 Mar 2007

"ancillary" should have spell checked and forgot.

  DrScott 15:02 10 Mar 2007

disappointingly I only have an Advent laptop for the home PC. I've been planning to build a proper desktop for some time now, but life, work, money and the uncertainty in operating systems and compatible software / hardware has delayed it. Plus my wife saw a bracelet she liked in India which rather put paid to any plans for a new PC :)

  DrScott 15:03 10 Mar 2007

so most of the time the laptop is on standby. Otherwise, I spend way too much of my life in forums. Also used for shopping, revision, and less and less frequently gaming.

  Forum Editor 15:04 10 Mar 2007

You paint an interesting picture.

I'm here a lot, but not 24/7 I'm afraid. Sometimes I'm with clients, sometimes I'm in my office (the non-home one), and sometimes I'm here, at home in my office. Sometimes I'm in the car, driving between a couple of those locations.

Then again, sometimes I'm in some hotel room, or business centre, or even in a client's office, using the network to edit the forum, when I should be advising on some aspect of IT strategy. Sometimes - and it's very relaxing, I can tell you, I'm in the air somewhere.

In both offices I have three screens when I'm working here - one with membership lists, access stats, and all that kind of stuff on it, and two live, on the site. Lots of coffee is drunk at all times, and the occasional Red Bull at night. I often listen to music (on headphones, the best I can buy), or watch TV on a fourth screen whilst I'm working.

Is that enough information?

  The Brigadier 15:05 10 Mar 2007

My home PC spends about 12 hours a day Crunching on WCG projects.
You can find out more at click here
My laptops are used mainly for work & are networked to a small server for business use only for security reasons.

  Forum Editor 15:07 10 Mar 2007

I, too, am a victim of the Indian bracelet syndrome, and it didn't stop there - I succumbed to complications, mainly of the Indian picture and 'let's have one of those brass thingies' variety.

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