What is your fear??

  *Kat440* 21:39 24 Apr 2007

...Mine is heights.

All though i have tried to combat it.. Bungee jumping and sphereballing(which is very good).

I still hate heights(standing on a chair to change a lightbulb) and watching my son climbing on the play equipment in our local park at a certain height makes me queasy at the knees...

But that is me.
How about you??


  *Kat440* 21:42 24 Apr 2007

if this has been mentioned before.

  chocolate cake 21:44 24 Apr 2007

Bizarrely, large animals.

When walking the Pennine way some 27 years ago I got chased through a field by some rather lively heiffers. I ran three quarters of the length of the long field chased by these ferocious beast.

I think that it stems back to when I was young and me mam took me to feed the horses, she was always saying "and don't curl your fingers or they'll bite them clean off".

Do I feel lucky? Not yet!

  provider 2 21:47 24 Apr 2007

Council Tax.

  Jak_1 21:50 24 Apr 2007

The pub running out of beer as it already has done a few times!

  Chris the Ancient 21:53 24 Apr 2007

I don't like spiders. It's OK if they're small ones, but big ones! And I've yet to work out the dividing line between little ones and big ones.

Another slightly bizarre one. Like *Kat440* I now find as I get older, I don't do heights. I'm OK in a plane or an office building, but in a car or walking in the mountains, big hills etc. The bizarre bit? I used to go rock climbing!


  interzone55 21:56 24 Apr 2007

Public speaking - I'm getting better, but I couldn't even speak at my wedding, my bride had to speak for me, she did a very good job, and she still speaks for me, even when she doesn't need to...

  *Kat440* 22:03 24 Apr 2007

As saw them in a star-trek movie about 18 years ago, and they put bugs in their helmet and that has put me off ever since!!

  €dstowe 22:07 24 Apr 2007
  *Kat440* 22:12 24 Apr 2007

I did mention before that i do apologise if this has mentioned before.


  mammak 22:17 24 Apr 2007

and again the same when standing on a chair changing a light bulb ( weak at the knees is an understatement)we live in a flat above a local shop the lounge is two storeys up bad enough cleaning those windows,
but our bedrooms are three storeys up OMG cleaning those windows are a nightmare

when I look down all I can see is the main street and all these wee people and cars and the likes

I go all all weak at the knees, sweat profusely and shake like nothing on earth hate heights I do :-(

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