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What is your favourite piece of Tech?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:27 11 Aug 2019

Just had a problem with my old 4th gen Kindle - battery warning messages, tried the reset fix yesterday but only got 30 mins last night and 20 mins this morning after a full charge yesterday.

This has probably been my best value for money and favourite tech purchase, had thousands of hours enjoyment from it since it's purchase.

Worst was probably a Nexus 7 tablet that slowed to a crawl after couple of Android updates and will probably be re-purposed to a digital photo frame or something when I have time.

So what is your best / favourite bit of tech and waht is your worst, and why?

  oresome 15:31 19 Aug 2019

HDD recorders seem to be dying out in these days of on demand streaming and "Freeview play". But I have two (his and hers) that still get used.

Two problems with streaming for me.

I can't skip the adds and subtitles or not always available.

We watched Deep Water, a story of every day life in the Lake District on the ITV hub and neither of us could hear all the dialogue and there were no subtitles available that I could find.

  john bunyan 16:35 19 Aug 2019

My oldest and favourite, used every day are 2 small radios - one bought for £10 over 30 years ago when I worked in Holland- battery lasts forever and it has FM and long wave ( could get Radio 4 in Holland) , and a very small pocket fm radio used with cans on which I listen to Radio 4 - a channel that , if there were no TV , I would be happy with. I used to have a good, small, short wave Radio when I traveled more and could pick up BBC Overseas In places like Karachi, Kuala Lumpur etc

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:24 19 Aug 2019

used with cans


  john bunyan 18:36 19 Aug 2019


There was me trying to use modern slang- your photo took me back 70 years or more!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:56 19 Aug 2019

JB thought you might like that.

  john bunyan 06:59 20 Aug 2019


Yes , and Menzie’s photo he must have taken before I sold all my bling

  Protos 16:10 27 Aug 2019

My favourite piece of tech is my Canon EOS R camera

  elijahdakota6 08:27 04 Sep 2019

Go for the Kindle without a second thought if you like to read!

It's an amazing product. A good investment and a great companion.

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