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What is your favourite piece of Tech?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:27 11 Aug 2019

Just had a problem with my old 4th gen Kindle - battery warning messages, tried the reset fix yesterday but only got 30 mins last night and 20 mins this morning after a full charge yesterday.

This has probably been my best value for money and favourite tech purchase, had thousands of hours enjoyment from it since it's purchase.

Worst was probably a Nexus 7 tablet that slowed to a crawl after couple of Android updates and will probably be re-purposed to a digital photo frame or something when I have time.

So what is your best / favourite bit of tech and waht is your worst, and why?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:01 13 Aug 2019

Kindle seems to be a lot of people's favourite, suprised no one has mention a Sat Nav.

  Pine Man 10:25 13 Aug 2019

suprised no one has mention a Sat Nav.

....but I can trust my Kindle.

  Forum Editor 15:57 13 Aug 2019

*Fruit Bat /\0/*

",,,,suprised no one has mention a Sat Nav."

That was an oversight on my part although I don't use my car's satnav, I use Google maps on my phone, which in my opinion beats everything else hands down.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:02 13 Aug 2019

Pine Man :0)

FE - yes just booked a hire car for Germany and was offered Sat Nav which I turned down in favour of using Google Maps on my phone.

I have found In built car sat navs never appear to be as good as the likes of Garmin / Tom Tom having used lots of hire carsover the years.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:23 16 Aug 2019

The other piece of car tech I really find useful is the reversing camera.

  iscanut 16:14 16 Aug 2019

My original Kindle, purchased when it was first released,is still going strong and would not do without it.

  Quickbeam 19:36 17 Aug 2019

'It means that I can't be part of any auto enthusiast conversation as to them automatics are terrible and killing real motoring.'

It's them terrible electric cars that are killing real motoring now!

  Pine Man 09:21 18 Aug 2019

automatics are terrible and killing real motoring.

It's them terrible electric cars that are killing real motoring now!

I am a motoring enthusiast and still love driving. A few years ago I would have agreed having owned several Golf GTIs. Two Golfs ago I changed to an automatic with the DSG gear box and as far as I am concerned that improved my driving experience.

I now have the best of both worlds, I believe, having bought a Golf GTE petrol/hybrid. It also has a DSG gearbox, a 1.4 petrol engine and an electric motor. Driving locally the car is always in electric mode and over long distances it is in petrol mode. In the event that I want some sporty driving I can use both the petrol and electric motor together and have the performance of a GTI.

  oresome 10:58 18 Aug 2019

I find the hard drive video recorder the most useful technology.

Who remembers the days of the video cassette recorder and the faffing about setting the timer and then some time later having to run through a tape to find the start of the recording?

The TV sound bar is the most underused item because the lip sync has never been accurate. I can add delay, but it's the inherent delay of the device that's the problem and I can't remove that.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:44 18 Aug 2019

HDD recorders seem to be dying out in these days of on demand streaming and "Freeview play". But I have two (his and hers) that still get used.

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