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What is your favourite piece of Tech?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:27 11 Aug 2019

Just had a problem with my old 4th gen Kindle - battery warning messages, tried the reset fix yesterday but only got 30 mins last night and 20 mins this morning after a full charge yesterday.

This has probably been my best value for money and favourite tech purchase, had thousands of hours enjoyment from it since it's purchase.

Worst was probably a Nexus 7 tablet that slowed to a crawl after couple of Android updates and will probably be re-purposed to a digital photo frame or something when I have time.

So what is your best / favourite bit of tech and waht is your worst, and why?

  Cymro. 12:00 11 Aug 2019

I don't wish to be obstropalus F.B. but the worst bit of hightec that came in to our house was a digital photo frame. It was bought us by one of the children in one of those what do I get Mom+Dad for Christmas moments. We were never once for taking photographs and never even owned a camera. The camera on my iPhone also a present from one of my children has never been used. It probably took longer to set up than it was in use and ended up in some drawer never to see the light of day. As for the best hightec I ever had well I am not too sure but that first laptop I ever had was good value for money again bough me by the children.

  john bunyan 16:19 11 Aug 2019

Best is a ( not too big) smart TV with Freeview. Being selective there are excellent documentary programmes, series like Poldark, Beecham House and many more. Some, here, claim TV is not watched. Fine, but do all their household agree? For older people who can’t travel as they used to , watching, for example, Blue Planet In hi def is very entertaining. Bought a wildlife camera ( sort you strap to a tree) Haven’t yet found exactly how to set it up as instructors are a bit obscure

  Forum Editor 17:08 11 Aug 2019

I would not want to be without my phone or my Kindle.

Or my smart TV. Or my DSLR camera.

My worst ever Tech device was the one mentioned by Cymro - a digital photo-frame bought, as was Cymro's, by one of my children as a seasonal present. My son knew it was a bad idea, but he was in one of those (typically male) panic shopping situations, two days before the event.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:15 11 Aug 2019

Success after another attempt at charging and a couple more resets an my beloved Kindle appears to be working normally again, battery showing nearly full and no symbol on battery or warnings appearing.

After all that browsing of reviews for the new kindle or Paperwhite I still prefer the buttons rather than leaving fingermarks on a touch screen.

JB bought a 43" $K Samsung for the wife last November just for that sort of thing but she screamed it was too big and so it sits in the spare room where the grandson uses to watch Youtube kids. :0)

  john bunyan 19:41 11 Aug 2019


Bought same model from Curry’s. Found a week later that via Samsung and Defence Discount Card could have got it for £200 cheaper- Doh. Got a more or less free soundbar though. The room is biggish so my wife tolerates it!

  Quickbeam 21:33 11 Aug 2019

Will you employ an usherette too?

  john bunyan 22:12 11 Aug 2019

I wonder what Cymro thinks of Menzie’s proposal? This forum certainly has some contrasts.


Don’t forget , at the interval, to have a lady with one of those lit up trays offering ice cream. If you were in UK I’d pay to come in!

  simplyweekend 08:39 12 Aug 2019

I think for me it has to be my kindle. Such a sophisticated piece of technology. Not to over the top and just right.

  Pine Man 10:55 12 Aug 2019

Definitely my Kindle is favourite. Goes everywhere with me and it's never missed a beat.

Worst has to be some off the white goods in the kitchen. I have just spent the last three days repairing the electric cooker and prior to that it was the washing machine. Still with repair charges as they are I have probably saved a fortune!

  Peter Griffin 04:35 13 Aug 2019

Oppo 203 UDP 4K Player. The only piece of tech I have bought which has actually gone up in price since purchase.

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