What is wrong with our system.?

  tein 13:37 11 Aug 2009
  oresome 13:57 11 Aug 2009

What do you think is wrong?

  bremner 14:00 11 Aug 2009

This is nothing new.

Mary Bell, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson to name a few, all received the same when they were released.

You must accept that when a person has been released from prison they are deemed to have paid their debt to society and must be free to lead their lives free from persecution.

For these, whose crimes resulted in the death of a child, it would not be possible.

It is highly likely however that Connelly's new identity will be exposed either through press investigations or most likely her inability to maintain her new identity.

  jack 14:41 11 Aug 2009

People like this are defective or damaged.
In that sense they are not criminal as say a robber, because it is certainly the case of the two brothers they are not of sound mind.

The modern approach of living within the community is probably the real culprit.
The closure of the Victorian institutions when damaged folk could live out of harms way, under full time supervision was the wrong move.
The bureaucratic, computer-report, box ticking driven method that social works exist under instead of being Out in the field'
Not that any social worker could keep track of of all their charges 24/7

Bring back the enclosed communities.

  interzone55 21:09 11 Aug 2009

I'm pretty sure Miss Connelly's brother thinks differently, after he was exposed to the terrible paedophile rings running rife through the children's homes of Islington in the early 90's.

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  caccy 21:38 11 Aug 2009

Remove their suicide watch.
Bring back hanging.

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