What would you like to see in 2009!!

  spuds 13:00 29 Dec 2008

Many things happen every year and 2008 was no different. But what would you like to see or change, and how do you think this will make life on the whole, any better or worse!.

Perhaps a selection of possible suggestions, might start the ball rolling?.

Stop rewards for failure, like we have seen with the money market and 'Baby P' incident.

Return customer service, with perhaps more customer satisfaction.

Remove some of the powers being granted to or perhaps used in a suspicious manner by council's.

Bring better laws in, regarding insolvency, administration and perhaps suspect practises.

The lists are endless, perhaps you would care to add some of your own thoughts, which may make a difference for the future!.

  Condom 13:05 29 Dec 2008

Well how about Camelot for starters. Now that the £ and € are almost equal why is the UK still paying £1.50 for a Euro Lottery Ticket when the rest of Europe only pays €1.

  Marko797 13:16 29 Dec 2008

to get the promotional games stuff removed from the top section of the forum, which is unnecessary duplication of the stuff on the Games Zone anyway. Talk about ramming it down the throat!

  canarieslover 13:56 29 Dec 2008

To get this credit crunch over so that we can get back to the things in life that really matter, like this forum!!

  n4165si 13:57 29 Dec 2008

The word " Right Honourable " removed from addressing politicians in the house of commons,It no longer applies in their case

  Pineman100 14:09 29 Dec 2008

One thing above all else.

A change of Government.

  Marko797 14:13 29 Dec 2008

what would that solve then? Or do u think the tories or libdems would improve things? Bit naiive eh?

  Jim Thing 14:31 29 Dec 2008

I'd like to see something genuinely funny on TV to replace the brilliant 'Outnumbered' which ended on Saturday.

  Pineman100 15:36 29 Dec 2008

Naive? Well, no, I don't think so.

Any Government that's been in power for over 10 years will inevitably have (a) run out of ideas, (b) have lost touch with reality, and (c) have made numerous mistakes that it daren't admit to, or rectify, because that would be a tacit admission of the mistakes.

A change of Government enables a 'new broom' to arrive and, in an attempt to win immediate favour with the electorate, sweep away a considerable amount of the log-jam of cr*p left behind by the previous incumbants. It's actually a bit like reinstalling Windows!

I don't blindly carry a torch for any political party. I simply want to see some fresh blood and fresh ideas in Westminster. They're long overdue.

  interzone55 15:56 29 Dec 2008

With regards to EuroMillions, we're getting a bargain, the price is €2 in the Euro zone, so we should now be paying nearly £2 a line.

As for what I want to see in 2009, a change in the bankruptcy laws that prevent the previous directors from buying up failed companies, this happens all to often, and has just happened to The Officers Club, 3/4 of the stores ave just been sold to a company owned by the former Chief Executive, so he gets a second chance to cock it all up...

  Bingalau 16:16 29 Dec 2008

I would obviously like to see more money spent on cancer research.

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