What would you have done in this situation.......

  Forum Editor 07:54 21 Apr 2015

Would you have allowed him to fly, or not?

Do you think the airline might have handled the situation differently?

  john bunyan 08:17 21 Apr 2015

I would have thought that he would only be allowed to fly if he gave a member of the crew his computer and mobile phone for the duration of the flight.

I used to regularly fly for certain military reasons with weapons in our luggage (with advanced warning) and we gave the "working parts" to the captain in a separate bag.

  BT 08:30 21 Apr 2015

The Airline has rules and he broke those rules. The salient paragraph in the article was

"We made this decision because Mr Roberts has made comments about having tampered with aircraft equipment, which is a violation of United policy and something customers and crews shouldn't have to deal with."

If he was stupid enough to make these sort of comments on a public forum he should expect to be vilified for it.

  Gordon Freeman 09:04 21 Apr 2015

BT: If he was stupid enough to make these sort of comments on a public forum he should expect to be vilified for it. Agree with that. Hoist with his own petard springs to mind.

  HondaMan 09:58 21 Apr 2015

Personally I think both he and the airline are idiots. Him for making the boastin the first place and the airline for not employing him to show them the weaknesses in their systems!

  beynac 10:07 21 Apr 2015

In my opinion, boasting that he will interfere with the plane's systems is potentially as serious as making a hoax bomb threat. These are always treated seriously even if done as a "joke".

I think that he was an idiot for making the comments and the airline was right to ban him

  lotvic 11:07 21 Apr 2015

IMHO after he sort of comments and boasts he made in the previous weeks the airline was right to ban him from the flight.

Also I noted in the report, "Last Wednesday, Mr Roberts was removed from another United flight by the FBI who took his laptop away, and questioned him for four hours" good, glad to see they took action.

  bumpkin 12:13 21 Apr 2015

It was a stupid thing to say and would be even stupider to try, not surprised that they banned him. I don't think many people would want to be on the same aircraft as someone who may start experimenting with the controls.

  OTT_B 12:25 21 Apr 2015

Silly thing to say, and potentially catastrophic to try. They were right to ban him, even if the comments (to me) were clearly made in jest.

  bumpkin 12:42 21 Apr 2015

Endangering an aircraft is not something to joke about. Also putting remarks like that on the Internet could encourage others to start thinking along the same lines.

  carver 13:48 21 Apr 2015

Personally I think he should show that either the threat to an aircraft is valid or he was just spouting crap, either way the airline was correct in refusing him entry to the plane.

I think if I'd been on that plane with him and seen the comment I would have slung him off or got off the plane myself.

Hopefully next time he tries to board a plane they will just strip search him and take away any electronic item he has on his person.

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