What would you do if.......

  csqwared 19:48 15 Feb 2013

This happened to you.


Can't imagine how this guy was feeling but, whilst doing 125mph, still had the coolness to the police. I was puzzled by the fact that cutting the car engine didn't work. I'm not at all familiar with Renault but surely, if you turn off the ignition, the engine stops - doesn't it?

Good job he didn't have a full tank of fuel.

  csqwared 19:49 15 Feb 2013


...had the coolness to phone the police.........

  Bing.alau 20:30 15 Feb 2013

There should be a lot of compo coming his way which will enable him to buy a decent British built Jaguar.

I seem to remember this happening previously but I think it was in this country. Maybe I am dreaming.

  carver 20:34 15 Feb 2013

Not if it's a diesel, they have been known to keep going even with the ignition off, but from what I have read it does sound as thought it's a fault with the controls that were adapted for a disabled driver.

But I would have thought going down the gear box should have slowed it, or even destroyed the engine allowing it to stop.

  Aitchbee 20:42 15 Feb 2013

... similar scenario in the film SPEED, starring Keanue Reeves [the driver] and the late Dennis Hopper [the bomber]; a bus's accelerator pedal is wired to a bomb that is set to go off when the speed of the bus goes below 50 m.p.h. ... I won't tell you what happened ... but it had me on the seat of my pants!

  Bing.alau 20:45 15 Feb 2013

Yes I also thought that was possible, but surely the police would have relayed that to him if they were in touch by phone? Why didn't switching off the ignition work. Could he have pulled out all the wiring from beneath the dash? Who knows? know I would have been trying all of the suggested things, but maybe at over 100 MPH it just wasn't feasible.

  csqwared 20:45 15 Feb 2013


'Not if it's a diesel..'

That's what I thought, but in the piece, perhaps misquoted, it does say when the petrol ran out. The other thought that occurred to me, and it's something else I know very little about, should a driver with epilepsy be driving at all?

  Noldi 21:25 15 Feb 2013

So he could not take it out of gear ???

  passing through 22:03 15 Feb 2013

Did not think you were allowed to drive if you had epilepsy.

My son has it and is not allowed to hold a driving licence.

  rdave13 00:57 16 Feb 2013

I watched a similar thing happen to a 50ish year old woman in a 4x4 in a repeated 'Cops' program recently. The vehicle was an automatic and she was scared as she talked to the Police escorts clearing a path for her. The ignition wouldn't turn off as it was in 'drive', so that might be a safety feature as the steering wheel would be locked. The gear shift wouldn't go to 'park' or neutral (?) and the brakes were ineffectual. She also survived, but only just, and no one else was hurt, when the 4x4 's engine blew. Very scary to be in that position.

  fourm member 08:58 16 Feb 2013

It happened to me in the '80s though was, thankfully, easy to deal with. Corrosion caused the throttle link to jam about half open.

Being a manual, I was able to disengage the clutch and use the brakes before turning the ignition off when I stopped. But, for a few seconds, when the engine revs didn't drop when I lifted off, it was pretty scary.

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