what would you do if?

  saintorsinner 17:51 27 Apr 2006

what would you do if your computer got a virus that held you to ransom click here i would rather reformat my computer than payup but i have nothing on my computer that a few hours work couldnt replace.

  watchful 17:56 27 Apr 2006

but whatever will they come up with next?

  saintorsinner 18:00 27 Apr 2006

i suppose for people who's livelyhood depends on their computer the question is one of time and money. makes investment in a good backup system seem even more important.

  blanco 18:50 27 Apr 2006

Nothing to do with your extension of the question but it did remind me (especially seeing your name) of the large poster outside a non-conformist church in Liverpool many years ago now that said:
What would you do if Jesus came to Liverpool today?
to which a local had added the graffiti
Move St John to inside forward.

  Skills 23:58 27 Apr 2006

Wipe the lot and start again. Ive gotten alot better at backups now. If I needed to get something off the drive id boot with a live linux disk copy files to cd and away you go

  Devil Fish 00:22 28 Apr 2006

run a preboot virus scan to clear it

  DrScott 00:32 28 Apr 2006

Think I'd go the linux route too...

  saintorsinner 00:52 28 Apr 2006

the thing that gives me nightmares is the thought of a keylogger as i buy a lot of stuff online.must be even worse for online bankers!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:49 28 Apr 2006

I have yet to see personal details taken from a home computer by a keylogger.


  spuds 09:37 28 Apr 2006

My computer holds me to ransom every working day. Will it blue screen, freeze,crash or be plain stubborn.

My ransom payment is a few uncivil words, threats of eviction etc,starvation of an electrical supply for a few minutes, soon resolves the problems :O)

Thinking this over, its a bit like some limited trial programme downloads. Dozens of problems found on a scan, with the only solution by purchasing the product. What do they call it, False/Positives!.

  dmc727 10:26 28 Apr 2006

“what would you do if?”

Sell my story to the Sun and buy a new computer with the money.

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