what word anoy you and why

  mrgrumpy 23:40 16 Oct 2019

I grit my teeth when my younger cousins tell a story and instead of saying "he said" they say blah blah blah followed by " an I guss ". One day I asked the question WHO is annie guss .

Not white characters ( I am NOT racist) in a certain soap opera say I axed him or is it pronounces I ark st him , so did the person say they killed somebody or just used a word that is not in the dictionary.

All you regulars know I like to do "speakers corner " posts about all sorts of things just to see what others think , I am 64 , maybe I should change my tag from grumpy old man to victor meldrew

  x13 07:20 17 Oct 2019

Snuck instead of sneaked for one yet it seems that it's the language evolving again. Quote from The Free Dictionary,

"usage: First recorded in writing near the end of the 19th century in the U.S., snuck has become in recent decades a standard variant past tense and past participle: Bored by the lecture, we snuck out the side door. snuck occurs frequently in fiction, in journalism, and on radio and television, whereas sneaked is more likely in highly formal or belletristic writing. snuck is the only spoken past tense and past participle for many younger and middle-aged persons of all educational levels in the U.S. and Canada. It has occasionally been considered nonstandard but is so widely used by professional writers and educated speakers that it can no longer be so regarded."

  mrgrumpy 07:52 17 Oct 2019

Another one is the word PLAY as in play computer games, Before gaming became more sociably exceptable , if you told somebody you played computer games you would always get some idiot run around in front of you with an ivisible machine gun. He would then make rat a tat noises and say is that what you do.

  Gordon Freeman 08:49 17 Oct 2019

The 'aks' instead of 'ask' is typical of people of Caribbean origins.

I've heard it said here in UK & also in the Caribbean. Obviously it's incorrect, but I think it's just been handed down from generation to generation & adopted generally by people of a certain ethnic origin.

  QuizMan 08:50 17 Oct 2019

Two words - OFF OF. Surely FROM sounds more pleasing to the ear and is more succinct.

  Gordon Freeman 08:55 17 Oct 2019

Would of, Could of, Should of, instead of Would have, Could have, Should have...these always grate & have to bite my tongue not to correct them...although there are times when I just have to say something.

  mrgrumpy 09:02 17 Oct 2019

My wife used to type up reports for her bosses , she goes mad when people use apostrophies ' in the wrong place.

  mrgrumpy 09:03 17 Oct 2019

Gordon i left you a message on my bt speakers corner thread

  Old Deuteronomy 10:55 17 Oct 2019

Another that annoys me, one among many, is the misuse of gift and gifted, instead of give and gave or given.

  Pine Man 13:15 17 Oct 2019

Every sentence beginning with the word 'So....' and then containing numerous instances of 'like'.

Spelling words and, when it comes to 'H', calling it haitch instead of aitch.

  Aitchbee 13:30 17 Oct 2019

I'm not a huge fan of the overuse [esp. on Radio4] of that word; I think it's now time for a cull. Haven't heard the more evocative word ginormous for yonks since Mr Wogan passed away.

Incredible and incredibly are other spoken words that need 'locked up' for a while.

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