What a wonderful world we are creating

  carver 07:55 12 Sep 2012

Just read about this enter link description here and can't help but think that we helped create this state of affairs in Libya.

A crowd of "supposedly" peaceful Muslims attacking innocent people in "defence" of their Prophet Mohammed, best part is that they shout about defending him then break nearly every law they are supposed to respect.

Have we just finished up with a state full of weak politicians who are just letting the extremists take control because if so then we have gone from the frying pan into the fire.

Another place enter link description here where muslin extremists are taking over, and I just wonder what will happen in Syria after all this carnage that is happening finishes, will that just become a state full of extremists because they have the guns.

  Bing.alau 08:44 12 Sep 2012

Are they called Muslins, because of the clothing they wear? Is it made of the same stuff butchers put on lumps of meat?

  chub_tor 10:35 12 Sep 2012

Bing.alau I can see that you thought you were being funny by commenting on carver's typo but if I were a Muslim I would find that insulting in the extreme.

  Woolwell 10:40 12 Sep 2012

" if I were a Muslim I would find that insulting in the extreme." And that is the core of the problem. Muslims find things insulting which others do not. Their reaction can be over the top especially when it has been whipped up by fanatics.

  carver 11:26 12 Sep 2012

fourm member maybe because it happened in Libya enter link description here and to say "These sort of protests happen whenever some idiot Christian in America thinks it is OK to insult Islam" does not make it correct or in any way forgiveable, according to your way of thinking then any time something happens to upset a Christian it would be perfectly OK to kill a few Muslims no matter where they were.

  interzone55 11:31 12 Sep 2012


It's been shown that if one insults the Prophet chaos ensues, so is it not wise to avoid insulting the Prophet?

Therefore, anyone who does should be referred to as an idiot, because otherwise why do it?

  kad60 12:40 12 Sep 2012

Guess i will have to renew my subscription to the Freethinker and other atheist magazines.


if it was not for the sacrifices of those "idiots" who challenged christian beliefs ,and insulted and were insulted by them, this debate would not exist.

I for one have far more respect for those "idiots" than for the "idiots" who hide their inhumanity behind the slavish dogma of religion.

  Condom 13:00 12 Sep 2012

I was led to believe that the idiot concerned was not a Christian Idiot but an Israeli Idiot. I may be wrong or I may be right but whatever the answer there is absolutely no justifiable reason for what happened.

To my mind it just shows how little these Idiots (and by this I mean the perpetrators of this crime) know about their own faith.

  woodchip 22:39 12 Sep 2012

Poor GOD that needs Humans to Defend himself. where is the mentality of those that do these things, without thinking

  Woolwell 23:00 12 Sep 2012

I see that the writer and producer of the film describes himself as an Israeli Jew and promoted by a Coptic and Terry Jones. The Egyptians have a difficult relationship between the Muslims and Orthodox Coptic Church with many coptics being persecuted. It only needs a small excuse to trigger something off. It was foolish to produce the film (which reportedly is poor and crude) but perhaps deliberately foolish.

  woody 01:31 13 Sep 2012

Have we considered that the type of people who cause trouble just because someone does not agree with their Deity can only be controlled with force.Did we get rid of some powerful people,who controlled the mob, only to find the mob running the country in their place are just as bad? I can recall when it was ok to disagree with peoples beliefs with out these problems.

"Of course, such attacks are deplorable but they happen all over the world and for all sorts of reasons. Ignorant people resort to violence on issues to do with abortion, animal welfare, ideological differences and many more." I dont think we have had violence on such a scale over animals/abortion.Correct me if i am wrong but the recent (last ten years) "wars" have involved the peace loving "M".

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