what a wind up

  karmgord 20:54 09 May 2010

I've just paid my gas & electricity bill on line,which after payment STILL left my account in credit,so what do Scottish Power do? INCREASE my standing order!
Now I will have to ring them to reduce it again as conveniently for them you can't alter the payment amount online.

  QuizMan 23:23 09 May 2010

I had a water leak at my house a few years ago that took the water authority 18 months to sort out. Because I have a meter, they sent me a revised monthly budget plan based on usage over the previous 12 months. They wanted to change my direct debit to £500 per month.

  morddwyd 08:20 10 May 2010

I didn't know that they could increase a standing order.

I thought that standing orders were under your direct control, unlike direct debit which allows them to take whatever they want whenever they want?

If you go to on-line banking you can alter all these payments on-line, at least I can. I assume all banks are the same.

  rawprawn 08:39 10 May 2010

I suspect he means Direct Debit, which can be increased as long as they give notice.
However what intrigues me is if karmgord is paying by "Standing Order" why did he pay online?
Surely payment should come direct from his bank.

  jack 09:07 10 May 2010

No way.
My money in my account earning me interest[Ha Ha]
until called for by the utility companies.
Council Tax- ISP and Water[Metered- £6 per month] are my only DD's
I bank by phone - and sometimes the friendly call centre- lady has her cheque with her ;@}

  jack 09:10 10 May 2010

HBSC, HBOS,Nationwide/Sandtender/Lloyds
telling me about important changes to account
- 'Click Here'
Don't bank with any of them and never have,
But we all get those don't we?

  peter99co 11:21 10 May 2010

They sound like Spam to me

HBSC,HBOS,Nationwide/Sandtender/Lloyds do not send mails like that as far as I know.

  wiz-king 11:29 10 May 2010

Santander do send emails to customers but only to tell them they have a message, you then have to log into your account to get it, there is not a link to click on.

  jack 11:59 10 May 2010

Thats why I wrote that last line

But we all get those don't we.

Banks as a matter of principle to not communicate directly to customers this way.
Sandander- as indicated by Wiz-King seemed to developed a variant - inviting customers to contact them.

  karmgord 20:39 10 May 2010

Oops,I did of course mean direct debit,
What upsets me is the inability to change the Direct debit amount back to the original amount online.

  PalaeoBill 21:16 10 May 2010

My new house is not on mains gas, it has an external LPG tank. I was not allowed to take over the previous owners gas account so a new account was set up for me. I was asked if I wanted the top up service and persuaded to accept it as then the tank would be topped off regularly and I would never run out.
Of course we ran out of gas after around six months. "Didn't you check the gauge, I was asked". I do now, but I didn't think it would be necessary since I had the top up service. It transpired that the 'regular' visits of the top up service are determined by previous usage of gas and as a new customer I didn't have any so they never came.

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