What will i do next?

  loser7 09:17 10 May 2010

Hello all.
I visit this site almost every day but can you imagine how hard it is for me (compared to... say the homeless) when i load a website and see an AD.
I can hardly cope with it at all, i think its giving me a headache and possibly contributing towards cancer. Just when i decide i will stop visiting this site i realize i'm watching TV and another AD appears (SHOCK!) so i turn off the TV and will never watch it again. At least i can read a paper without any chance of seeing these pointless and dangerous slogans (DOH!) Also i may refuse to pay road tax and stop using public highways if they will not take down those advertising boards. I nearly fainted when this advertising infected my radio too. It seems to be spreading right across every medium possible, who would think it eh?
In my day people would be expected to run a website from their own resources just to satisfy those that think they should get something for nothing.. what is this world coming too?

  Pine Man 09:33 10 May 2010

'In my day'..moan

It's still your day - get a grip!

  Armchair 10:28 10 May 2010

Stick to BBC tv and radio stations.

Use Adblock.

Personally:- Website ads. I barely notice them these days. They're just useless decoration.

  dagbladet 10:36 10 May 2010

Erm...I think there is a tongue jammed firmly in cheek here folks.

  peter99co 11:16 10 May 2010

The AIR is free.

No ADS! Look what happened when Nigel Farage tried to advertise.

Glad he is on the mend though because he is quite a character.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:24 10 May 2010

Become a Naturist.

Better take all your clothes off - get rid of those advertising labels - who thought of wearing clothes inside out so the label could be seen?

  Pine Man 11:25 10 May 2010

Become a Trappist Monk.

  ronalddonald 16:59 10 May 2010

Read the last page of here click here

maybe that will help

  Legolas 19:22 10 May 2010

I think the tongue is so far jammed into the cheek that it has invaded the brain and seriously damaged it ;))

  Joseph Kerr 20:34 10 May 2010


No, really.

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