What will `Elf & Safety` ban next

  johndrew 12:05 04 Nov 2008

Given that these people already risk their own lives in their efforts to save others and use many `dangerous` tools to do so, perhaps this click here is more than a little silly.

Yachtsmen are expected to carry flares; should these be banned???

Maybe firearms and explosives should not be used by the Armed Forces??

Where will it end!!!

  Quickbeam 12:09 04 Nov 2008

The missing link between 'Health & Safety' has always been 'Common Sense'...

  Bingalau 12:15 04 Nov 2008

This is a load of absolute nonsense. Flares are an obvious aid to "elf and safety". True they also make a deadly weapon, but only in the hands of a nutter.

  jakimo 12:49 04 Nov 2008

When will this minority group of people who want to ban everything proved to be both useful and beneficial to the majority itself be banned,is there no group willing to take them on,or do we have to accept whatever this ministry of silly suggestions come up with,they would be less harmful and cheaper if they were on the dole.

  DippyGirl 12:57 04 Nov 2008

Cars probably injure and kill more people than coastguard flares should they be banned?
Isnt petrol very dangerous? - maybe that should be banned too
What about really sharp knives in the kitchen ...oh oh and knitting needles and all the electrical toys boys keep in the garage dont they all contribute to alot of personal injury??

Get real!
Too many morons with too much time on their hands.

Train people and use the right tool at the right time

  €dstowe 13:16 04 Nov 2008

My father tried to buy a kitchen knife in Sainsburys last week. He was asked by the (apparently) small child operating the checkout if he had proof of his age. Questioning why he had to do that, he was told that they cannot sell knifes to under eighteen year olds.

My father is well over sixty.

He did receive an apology from the manager but it just shows the pedestrianism amongst certain people these days.

  DippyGirl 13:32 04 Nov 2008

Similarly from last year ..
click here

  johndrew 14:00 04 Nov 2008

`Not April the 1st is it?`

I really wish it were as this type of `jobsworth` mentality is getting on top of many people.

I wonder if it will be possible to buy or own many things shortly as most can be `dangerous` - to quote you - "in the hands of a nutter".

A thought; could it be that those who ban items on `elf and safety` grounds are suspect on mental (as well as common sense) grounds???

  newman35 14:13 04 Nov 2008

Could the Daily Wail be a little confused?
I certainly am on reading this article.

First line :- "Coastguards have been banned from using flares in rescue missions after they were ruled to be a risk to health and safety."

Last line :- " Flares will still be used by the RNLI and by the Coastguard's ten vessels which operate in conjunction with lifeboat crews."

Also where does H&S come in? The 'banning' appears to be by the MCA - a maritime body?

  johndrew 14:22 04 Nov 2008

Next to last line:-

'They are capable of causing considerable injury, and for that reason alone using safer alternatives is beneficial.'

This supports the first line you quote.

  newman35 14:35 04 Nov 2008

Absolutely, and my point was to try and say ".. were ruled a risk TO health and safety" not BY Health and Safety Executive - a mammoth difference. Give them a break.

I often think HSE get bad press when they are not even involved (remember the 'conker' in school debacle HSE actually sponsor the World Conker Championships).

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