what was the early internet like?

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 15:40 19 Dec 2004

hi,as most of you know i am alot younger than most users on this site,i am 14 (now).i was wondering what the internet was like when it first came about.what do you remember about it?.how many pages were there?.what was the psec of your computer at that time?.cheers

  VoG II 15:50 19 Dec 2004

You might find click here interesting.

  Amyfa 15:57 19 Dec 2004

Being only 19 myself I can't go back too far, but I remember the £600 phone bills we used to get as you had to pay per min and not per month as we do now. Also we used dial up then so tied the phone line up as well. I have been using the internet for just over 5 years now and still find it amazing, you can find out anything with a few clicks. click here

  Tazfan 16:09 19 Dec 2004

I think SLOW and EXPENSIVE just about sums it up.

  Forum Editor 16:47 19 Dec 2004

at the same time.

I first encountered what we now call the Internet back in the early 1990's. There was no plug 'n play operating system then, and no nice friendly hardware CD to set everything up. Modems were primitive by today's standards and the whole thing took forever to configure. By the time you had entered all the DNS and gateway settings and sorted out why you weren't being authenticated by your ISP's server you were about ready for a long holiday.

There wasn't that much to see when you did get online either, although in the early 90's we got a browser - called Mosaic - which improved things a lot (No Internet Explorer or Netscape then). When I look back I'm amazed at how the Internet has changed in the dozen or so years since I first got involved.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 17:09 19 Dec 2004

thanks all

  spuds 17:23 19 Dec 2004

I remember placing my first 'internet' on-line order via my trusty Sinclair and Prestel.

Prestel click here click here

  ton 17:38 19 Dec 2004

I had free access for quite a while.

You had to keep redialling to get connected though and it was only free at certain times.

  Al94 18:22 19 Dec 2004

Thanks for that link VoG, very interesting

  Buchan 35 23:05 19 Dec 2004

BIG Ben strikes 10 again, a very interesting post this one. My Great Nieces 14 and 12 respectively are rolling around the floor laughing at me because I told them of the time I was at school(honestly lads) and withe aid of copious lengths of string, loads of tin cans and nimble fingers, we schoolkids of the late `30s set up the first internet. A major problem came up about discipline so we did what`s now known as an Uncle Bill and made a patch. In fact we kicked Sandra O`Connell off the web, and the patch worked.
Thanks to you VoG for your insert, just what a lot of us needed

  Dorsai 04:24 20 Dec 2004

my first experiance of the net was in 1984 (very approx). It was on JANET, which i think stands for Joint Academic NETwork. It had e-mail which, at the time, was a real WOW! You could also get stuff printed, on a printer!, and it would turn up in the post a few days later. It was accessed via a 'dumb terminal' that had a green screen, and when you had got to the bottom of the screen, the cursor just went back to the top and started again, over the text that was already there, so at that point you hit a 'clear screen' button, the screen flashed, went dark, and about a second later, you could carry on. I guess the CRT was about 12", and 3 feet deep. It also acted as a very efficient space heater, and kept the room it was in very nice and warm, even in winter, which, seeing as there was no radiator in the room, was a blessing.

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