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What time do you wake up during the Night.

  Govan1x 15:34 12 Apr 2018

This might not last long but thought that I would mention it to see if others maybe have the same problem.

I seem to have a sleeping problem when I wake up during the night.

I look at my watch and it quite often it is at 4.20 am.

The same time keeps popping up which I thought was unusual but it seems I am not the only one that wakes up at that time.

My problem is when I see that time on my watch it makes me wonder why and its a waste of time going back to bed as there is no chance of getting back to sleep.

A bit bored so decided to google What happened at 4.20am. And sure enough a chap on one of the forums with the same problem and same time.

And yes you have guessed it I was up at 4.20 am today again.

  wee eddie 20:53 16 Apr 2018

As far as I know, almost every Supermarket group has it's own speciality brand of quality bread.

These is made by a small group of speciality manufacturing bakers and, although not actually Artisan, are pretty good. However you can expect to pay about £1.50 - £2.00, for a 400 gram loaf. They arrive, at the Supermarket, par(t) baked and frozen, and are then finished in their In-house Ovens.

I currently buy brown Bloomers, they call them Organic but that is totally irrelevant, from both Morrisons and Tesco. (the Bloomer is an easier shape to cut)

If I happen to be passing through Prestwick, I will buy from one of the local Hoteliers who sells the products of his in-house bakery, but then I'm paying £2.50 for a 400 gram loaf.

  flycatcher1 22:40 16 Apr 2018

Govan1X Thanks for comment. I have had kidney stones first sorted by the Army Medics in Tripoli so I know the symtoms well. I am in touch with my Dr. re water works but I have no other problems just this double urination in the night. My inhouse medical advisor warned against taking a couple of pills before bed thinks it bad on top of other medication.

  Brumas 22:47 16 Apr 2018

I'm thinking of having my willy grafted to my hand, then pushing the bed close to the wall and hanging my hand out of the window - save me getting up 2 or 3 times for a wee wouldn't it ;o}}

  Govan1x 23:14 16 Apr 2018

Good point flycatcher1

Although Paracetamol tablet are fairly weak pain killers it is not a good idea to take them if you are taking other medication.

So anyone else on medication ask your doctor or chemist first before taking any other pills.

  BT 08:56 17 Apr 2018


Tescos sourdough bloomer

Until you have tasted genuine San Franciso sourdough bread you haven't tasted sourdough bread. The flavour is amazing.

I worked for Spillers in the 70's and we brought over some Sourdough Bread and a freeze dried culture, in an attempt to produce the genuine stuff here in the UK. No matter how we tried, even with the help of a real American baker, we just couldn't get the flavour right and had to admit defeat.

  flycatcher1 10:26 17 Apr 2018

Brumas Your opyion sounds pretty painful and would prevent many handshakes. Thinking about it - maybe encourage more. The best option is to get plumbed in. Urination can be quite dangerous, a friend attempting to water the desert was pursued by a wild donkey, it was hilarious and brightened up a sticky night.

  bumpkin 17:12 17 Apr 2018

I'm thinking of having my willy grafted to my hand

You need more than to get squared up.

  bumpkin 17:25 17 Apr 2018

wee eddie, thanks for that. It would just be nice to some bread with some taste to it for once, everything I pick up whatever it is called tastes so bland. I will try a local independant baker. The only reasonable loaf I got recently was granary from Budgens but now they don't have it anymore.

  BT 17:28 17 Apr 2018

Getting back to the original subject, when you have to get up in the night its a good idea not to put a bright light on as it disturbs your Melatonin levels which can then affect your sleep.

I use a couple of automatic Night Lights which give me enough illumination to make it to the Bathroom without actually putting on any other lights. They are LED mains powered plug in units which use negligible electricity.

  canarieslover 18:39 17 Apr 2018

BT - I have been getting up so many times in the night I can get to the loo blindfold. Short legs and good hearing help a lot with accuracy in the dark as well.

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