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What time do you wake up during the Night.

  Govan1x 15:34 12 Apr 2018

This might not last long but thought that I would mention it to see if others maybe have the same problem.

I seem to have a sleeping problem when I wake up during the night.

I look at my watch and it quite often it is at 4.20 am.

The same time keeps popping up which I thought was unusual but it seems I am not the only one that wakes up at that time.

My problem is when I see that time on my watch it makes me wonder why and its a waste of time going back to bed as there is no chance of getting back to sleep.

A bit bored so decided to google What happened at 4.20am. And sure enough a chap on one of the forums with the same problem and same time.

And yes you have guessed it I was up at 4.20 am today again.

  lotvic 16:19 12 Apr 2018

I'm not alone then. It's around 4:15 am give or take 15mins for me. But I go back to sleep after a couple of painkillers - too early for me to get up.

  geoff96 16:21 12 Apr 2018

Usually between 2 and 4. A quick trip to the loo and it's back to the land of nod till around 8.

  Forum Editor 17:29 12 Apr 2018

Like many others, I wake in the night - almost always between 2:30 and 4:00.

This Interrupted Sleep - as it's called - is a form of polyphasic sleep, and many scientists believe that it's a good thing - it aids in relieving stress apparently.

In times past, it was quite common for people to wake up at some point and get out of bed, socialising with other family members, perhaps having some food and drink, and then going back to bed for what they called their 'second sleep'.

  Quickbeam 17:41 12 Apr 2018

Ah... well I usually have a couple of biscuits or a sleeve of jaffa cakes...

Then I put an audio book on a 15 mins timer and that's it 'til it's up time again!

  john bunyan 17:44 12 Apr 2018

2 - 4 to answer call of nature; rarely have a deep solid night’s sleep.

  BT 17:45 12 Apr 2018

"...and I can finally cancel the alarm for good."

After many years of shift work, it took me several years to get into sleeping every night at regular times.

As to waking up in the night it varies but my most regular time is almost on the dot at 3am. I don't always need a pee but have one anyway because I know if I don't I'll wake up at about 5am and then I won't be able to get back to sleep again, and my little furry alarm will be wanting his breakfast at about 6.30 anyway.

  Govan1x 19:00 12 Apr 2018

Just wonder how much my next gas bill is going to be.

It is not to bad in summertime getting up so early as it is not as cold.But wintertime the housecoat is on and I use that till it gets to cold for me then the heating goes on.

Another one that wakes me instantly to is hearing My Wife I believe calling my name. of course I must be dreaming but it sounds so real. Sit up in bed immediately.

Cant remember the last time that I had a decent sleep so any good remedies for a good nights sleep.

Just worked it out. Don't go to bed with my watch on. But i would still get up and look at the clock instead.

  Aitchbee 20:23 12 Apr 2018

Just wonder how much my next gas bill is going to be.

My last gas bill was £445 for a 90 day period ... due to a 'perfect storm' of very low temperatures outside, a vacant property directly below me, a central heating system in need of repair and a healthy fear of the aftermath of frozen pipes.

On topic, I'm on automatic pilot to the loo at 2.30am then at 5.10am when my first alarm goes off. It's then back to bed until my second alarm goes off at 7.45am when normal service is resumed.

  Aitchbee 20:33 12 Apr 2018

Sorry, that should have read my electricity bill! my gas bill was only £60 for the same period.

  bumpkin 21:22 12 Apr 2018

Aitchbee, gas/electric or both, think yourself lucky you don't have to pay mine.

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