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  Condom 16:03 17 May 2011

I tried this in the Help Forum but it didn't do so well so please forgive if I now try it here and hope for a better response.

Her indoors is off to the Far East in September for 4 months to see the urangatangs in the jungle in Borneo as well as trips to Australia, New Zealand and China with a final stop in Thailand before coming back in December. She was thinking of taking her HP laptop (17" Screen) as well as her iPhone 3G and my Kindle but is now talking about getting an iPad instead.

I'm really still a bit lost with this type of technology so can anyone offer some advice on what she should do with regard to keeping in touch as well as the book reading etc. My concern is the jungle and the weight and I can see the reasoning behind just the one gadget to carry but is one enough? Thanks folk

  interzone55 16:19 17 May 2011

I'm not aware that you can make calls on an iPad, but it does have the iBooks app, and I think there's a kindle app.

Personally I think you're asking for trouble taking a laptop or iPad into the jungle, so probably best to stick to a smartphone that includes wi-fi so you can connect to the net for emails etc when in the hotel.

iPhone has quite a large screen for a phone, but the newer HTC models have 4" screens so may be better for emails etc, and you can get the kindle app free on Android phones, but in my experience reading books on the backlit colour screen of a phone is very tiring on the eyes, so maybe smartphone & kindle is the best combination...

  Woolwell 16:49 17 May 2011

Be very wary of data charges. Best to use wifi or internet cafe.

  amonra 16:51 17 May 2011

Does she REALLY want to hump a laptop around on holiday ? I was forced to carry equipment through the jungle many years ago and the thought of voluntarily doing the same fills me with horror ! Tell her to take a rest from all things electronic and just enjoy the sights. A small digital camera will capture all the highlights of the trip.

  Forum Editor 17:18 17 May 2011

An iPad and a phone will be a perfect combination.

If your wife gets the 3G iPad and a micro SIM from her phone company she'll be able to access the internet anywhere in the UK, and she can use wireless hotspots or networks in other countries.

She can download the whole of your Kindle library into the iPad, and read in the Kindle application for iPads. She can also download books into the iPad's own e-book application (but not from Kindle).

The iPad will connect to the iPad bookstore via iTunes, and books can be on the iPad within 30 seconds.

An iPad is the perfect travelling companion - mine now goes everywhere with me - and if you get a decent case for it there will be no problems; iPads are pretty rugged devices, as long as you protect the screen. It will certainly be far lighter than a laptop, and just as capable - I have a word processor on mine, and lots of work files, photos, etc. It's a delight to use, has a stunning display, and is very fast.

Let me know if you need more information.

I've been to Borneo a few times, and done the Orang Utan visit twice - your wife is in for a treat. Tell her to take a big bottle of water into the Borneo jungle - the heat is quite something, and dehydration a real risk. The hotel will have wireless network.

In Australia there will be plenty of wireless hotspots and networks - they're everywhere. Ditto New Zealand.

I use wireless hotspots in Beijing, but they aren't as common as in some other countries. Most hotels have wireless networks. If your wife goes to the forbidden city/Great wall/Summer Palace etc., tell her to leave the iPad in the hotel room safe - the camera is all she'll need in those places, and on the great wall the less you're carrying the better, it's a steep walk.

  Condom 01:55 20 Jul 2011

FE Well I finally got an iPad 2 a few days ago but just the 32 wifi version as 3G in this area is pretty useless and many of the places she will visit don't have 3G either. She is now playing with her new toy and learning much faster than I can keep up with although I'm keeping that quiet. She is chatting using Skype with her sister in Dublin and doing lots of other things as well. The deal we worked out was that I would buy it and let her use it overseas and then when she gets back I will then take it to Thailand for my own use next year. I think all she needs to do now is work out how to get her store of holiday infornmation which she has put together on her laptop on to her iPad so a visit to the shop in town is called for for a free lesson. We did also purchase a very good leather case for it so the screen should be OK and a couple of connectors for her camera and card. Her phone provider refused to unlock her iPhone for her as it still has 2 months of her 2 year contract to go so you can guess who she will not be renewing with. I've told her to get it unlocked overseas and use local sim cards. So hopefully all her communication needs are now sorted out. Thanks for all the advice. I shall also be coming back to you for more information on stripping the oak kitchen units as I have to do this while she is away. I'm just a little concerned about my asthma and this stuff you recommend I use.

  morddwyd 07:07 20 Jul 2011

"I'm just a little concerned about my asthma and this stuff you recommend I use."

I don't know what has been recommended but you should be able to download a very detailed MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) from the manufacturer.

Failing that, google "(product) MSDS" and you should be able to find the official HSE (EU) COSHH Data Sheet.

This should give you enough data to make an informed decision.

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