What sort of police attitude is this?

  bumpkin 20:09 20 May 2013

Mid afternoon today a policewoman knocked on my door, my daughter answered it and the conversation went as follows.

WPC, there has been a burglary in this road.

Daughter, oh, which house was it.

WPC, not telling you.

Daughter, what do you want to know.

WPC, have you got CCTV

Daughter, yes we have as it happens four cameras.

WPC, where do they point.

Daughter explained.

WPC, well that is no use to us.

WPC, do you bolt your doors.

Daughter yes.

WPC, well I didn't hear you unbolt it when I knocked on the door.

  interzone55 20:54 20 May 2013

And your point is?

  carver 20:56 20 May 2013

You mean a police woman came on her own, but seriously they aren't all like that.

We have a local police woman and she is brilliant, she even pops into the stables to check there aren't any problems.

She must have been having one of those days.

  Aitchbee 21:14 20 May 2013

alan14 - bumpkin's point is in the title of his thread ... concerning the police's attitudes when approaching and interacting with the public ... sometimes they fall short of accepted standards.

  bumpkin 21:44 20 May 2013

alan14, my point was the attitude "not telling you" "that is no use to us" having supposedly called to see if we could help.

  bumpkin 21:50 20 May 2013

carver "but seriously they aren't all like that." they are not indeed all like that had very good experiences in the past with the police.

  interzone55 21:51 20 May 2013


And she'd been asking the same questions all the way up & down the street, you'd get a bit peed off after a while too. The police are human too you know

  bumpkin 22:03 20 May 2013

alan14, yes I appreciate your point but why the uneccessary "that is no use to us " comment or the one about I did not hear you unbolt the door. I do not expect to have to bolt my doors mid afternoon.

  Forum Editor 22:50 20 May 2013

You seem to be under the impression that if you were burgled it would be OK for a Police officer to spread the news to anyone who asked. It's perfectly normal for Police to refuse to give out such information.

As for the 'that is no use to us' remark, what on earth is wrong with that? It's a perfectly straightforward remark - you're being wildly over-sensitive.

Asked if you bolted your doors, your daughter said 'yes'. The Police officer noticed that your daughter didn't unbolt the door,and said so. Again, you're overreacting.

I think you need to get a sense of perspective.

  morddwyd 06:52 21 May 2013

Couldn't agree more.

If you're not satisfied make a formal complaint.

  BT 08:44 21 May 2013


"I do not expect to have to bolt my doors mid afternoon."

Perhaps you might like to reconsider that!!

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