What sort of phone number is this?

  jack 19:41 20 Nov 2008

Something has changes at telecoms it seems.
Those irritating phones calls tha tell you you have won a holiday can be identifies[as if you are interested]
When I arrived home to day- I dialed 1471 and was told I had been called by the following number
01113- wqhjat sort of number is that I thought?
Dialed 100 asked the operator it seems that if one of those called connect whilst you are not there - where previously the recording says 'You were called at 1500 -we do not have the number.
It npow says Your wre all by 01 113 ofr example.
This evening the phone ran- did not connect and effectively killed the phone [remained connected] for a few moments- 1471 revealed this time it was 01117.
So- did you know that?
Do you all care?- except to say dont ring back

  tullie 19:54 20 Nov 2008

Sorry jack,youve lost me

  Nibblerman 20:08 20 Nov 2008

well if i am correct 0113 is LEEDS or around there...? sure u got the first 4 numbers correct..?

  interzone55 08:59 21 Nov 2008

Sounds like CLI Spoofing, where the caller has made their number look somewhat different.

I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often.

I was called about 7 or 8 times last week from a number revealed as 01395 000 000, which is not a real phone number.

Most of these numbers originate outside our borders, so BT can't do a thing to stop them

  jack 09:34 22 Nov 2008

Number read back - ignore it.
The read back is a 5 digit number only
Any UK region number will be a minimum of 11 digits

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