What Size Onion?

  morddwyd 09:12 17 Sep 2012

Cooking is usually a combined operation in our house, my wife giving me a list of ingredients to prepare, then she comes down and works her magic, then I cook and serve.

Last week I had !Onion small chopped".

When she came down she said there wasn't enough onion, and when I said she asked for a small one she denied it.

It appears "Onion small chopped" means "Onion (normal size) chopped small"!

I sometimes wish I wasn't so stupid.

  Aitchbee 09:37 17 Sep 2012

I sometimes peel & chop up 4 onions then put the lot into a sealed plastic food container and then into the fridge.They keep fresh for 'bout a week...this cuts down on the nippy eyes onion experience also!

  Forum Editor 09:43 17 Sep 2012

A magic comma would have done the trick.

'onion, small chopped' was all you needed.

  johndrew 09:59 17 Sep 2012

Or, depending on taste, do without "small".

Given that "Spanish" or "large2 onions are normally milder than normal onions, maybe the difference should also be reflected in the recipe thus making it even more difficult to follow ;-)

  natdoor 10:04 17 Sep 2012

How about "onion, small-chopped" or "onion chopped small"?

Adverbs usually are placed after the verb and adjectives before the noun.

  morddwyd 11:45 17 Sep 2012

I know all that, and you know all that, but who's going to tell her?

  Bing.alau 14:09 17 Sep 2012

Morddwyd. Don't look at me!

I think Aitchbee's idea is a good one too. (He does talk sense now and again).

  wiz-king 14:23 17 Sep 2012

morddwyd it's no good complaining - your in the wrong whatever 'experts' you quote, you should have realized that by now.

  Bing.alau 14:25 17 Sep 2012

Even though we are all on your side you still won't win.

  Quickbeam 18:20 17 Sep 2012

It depends on the size the tin of tomatoes is...

  Quickbeam 18:21 17 Sep 2012

It depends on the size the tin of tomatoes used...

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