What should Happen to all the Frozen Food Withdrawn

  [DELETED] 17:37 23 Feb 2013

What should happen to the frozen food withdrawn by the supermarkets and manufacturers. It has been suggested in Germany that it should be given to the poor. My feeling are as long as it fit for human consumption it should be marked as " May Contain Horsemeat" and sold at a cheaper price. I have no problem eating horsemeat as long as it is made clear, in fact I would like to try it. I eat beef, lamb, pork,rabbit, hare and chicken. I have also eaten ostrich which tastes similar to beef but very low in clorestrol and venison.

  [DELETED] 17:44 23 Feb 2013

I suggested on a previous thread that it would go a long way to helping the starving people of Africa etc., which we are always being asked to contribute to. But no doubt it will be ground up as fertiliser or something.

Like you I have eaten worse and would be quite happy to buy it at a reduced price, providing it is made clear what it is I am buying. As there is nothing wrong with the actual food quality why it should be destroyed I do not know.

  [DELETED] 18:04 23 Feb 2013

Has it been suggested it should be destroyed? Whilst I have sympathy with the hungry of the rest of the world there are a lot of people in this country who would jump at a chance of cheaper meat as long as it was made clear it may contain other breeds of meat. This situation is not unknown, I have bought supermarket in-store baked bread that has had dried fruit in. Obviously the mixer was not completely cleaned after the previous mix, possibly tea cakes etc.

  Aitchbee 19:37 23 Feb 2013

Many daily newspapers frequently advertise 'cut-out' vouchers to redeem for free items like CD's, DVD's,plant seeds and other 'giveaways' at several BIGNAME stores & shops. I reckon this idea [if used to redistribute unwanted foodstuffs] would see a big uptake by many people who like to get 'something-for-nothing' ... eg. 1 voucher gets 10 FREE Items [or up to £50 in value].

  john bunyan 20:54 23 Feb 2013


I agree with your views. I imagine there are many who would appreciate buying these products at a bargain price, and it seems a waste to throw it away.

  Just.me 22:17 23 Feb 2013

Just as a matter of interest, if the meat is sold off cheap will Knorr start selling horse stock cubes?

  Quickbeam 22:21 23 Feb 2013

Neigh chance.

  Forum Editor 22:48 23 Feb 2013

The food belongs to the supermarkets, so what happens to it is up to them.

  rdave13 23:19 23 Feb 2013

"The food belongs to the supermarkets, so what happens to it is up to them."

As it's frozen then no doubt destroyed or allowed for pig food.

  john bunyan 23:24 23 Feb 2013

The food was bought by the supermarkets from food manufacturers, and no doubt the supermarkets will expect the suppliers to take it back and / or be compensated for it. The Supermarkets will almost certainly not end up with much of the bill unless they own the upstream supplier. Therefore I would have thought that the "returned goods"could be sold to specialised outlets ,as long as they are labelled "may contain horse meat"

  rdave13 23:34 23 Feb 2013

john bunyan, regardless of what happens to the food 'joe public' will eventually pay for it. I can just hear the complaints now of how 'expensive' frozen foods are getting. Makes you wonder of an other 'conspiracy' theory.

Something is certainly happening in this country to make us poorer than third world countries and it's happening fast I think. Food prices go up half a quid when they used to go up by pennies. I don't know, not clever enough, but something is wrong.

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