What A Sad State Of Affairs

  crosstrainer 17:43 02 May 2010

I have recently cancelled my sub. To PCA after many years.

Conned and annoyed, by things I know more of.

The last straw is "Tune Up Utilities"

On this month's cover DVD.

Don't install it, the code directs you to "Purchase the new version" And uninstall is hard work.

It's been a good few years...But not for me any longer.

Now ..How do I cancel my presence here?


That, by the way was a joke.

  Forum Editor 17:56 02 May 2010

why not just get on with whatever you decided to do, instead of making silly remarks about being 'conned'.

Nobody has conned you at all, and I advise you to be careful before making allegations like that. How do you cancel your presence here? No problem, I can do that for you in 30 seconds.

  rdave13 18:31 02 May 2010

I'm surprised you would entertain such programs anyway. They're a load of rubbish as you well know.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:12 02 May 2010

Bye, don't let the door hit you on your butt as you leave.


  canarieslover 19:29 02 May 2010

Sounds like crosstrainer has become a cross trainer!!

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